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Nagle, Chára (1975)



Shandon Bells from the Buttermarket” 1995, watercolour (29″ x 21″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 30/1/2017 for €380.00.

Nairn, George ARHA (1799 – 1850)

Entered the Dublin Society’s Schools in July, 1813. He practised in Dublin as a portrait, landscape and animal painter, but it was as the latter that he was best known and achieved success, being much sought after in painting portraits of favourite horses and dogs. He contributed to the first exhibition of the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1826.

Ref: A Dictionary of Irish Artists (1913).

Nally, Fergal 


Near Achill Sound” oil on canvas (30″ x 34″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 15/6/2020 – for €850.00.

nally-fergal-3  nally-fergal-2

Left to right:Achill Island” oil on canvas (20″ x 24″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 6/3/2017 for €650.00; and “March Evening, Renvyle Bay, Connemara” oil on canvas (12″ x 18″), sold at Adam’s – 4/10/2016 for €2,100.

Kiladoon, Co.Mayo” dated 2005, oil on canvas (22″ x 28″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 6/8/2019 for €850.00.

Nangle, Rev. Edward (1800 – 1883) 

A View of Achill” oil dated 1874, sold at Victor Mee’s – 7/11/2018 for €400.00.

Neff, James

Cork artist.

Storm Clouds, Bantry Bay, Co.Cork” oil on board (14″ x 18″).

The Boathouse” oil on board (12″ x 18″), sold at Ross’s – 29/1/2019 for £20.00.

Neilan, William (1815 – c.1860)


Portrait of a young mariner seated by the coast. Watercolour (12″ x 10″), sold at Sheppards – 29/11/2016 for €300.00.

Neill, Cynthia

Autumn in Bangor” watercolour (16″ x 12″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 29/1/2018 for €80.00.

From Princetown Road, Bangor” watercolour drawing (16″ x 12″), sold at Ross’s – 29/1/2020 for £20.00.

Neill, Francis J

Neill, Francis

Fisherman’s Cottage, Portballintrae” watercolour drawing (12″ x 16″).

Nesbitt, Leslie (1923) 

Leslie Nesbitt was born in Belfast.

Tom Nesbitt  

Left to right:Moored fishing boat” oil on canvas; and “Fishing Boats, Donegal” oil on canvas (16″ x 20″), sold at Ross’s – 21/2/2018 for £120.00.

Nevin, Frederick Walter (1912 – 1995)

The artist was also known as  Pat, Paddy, or P. F.

Nevin was born near Ballymena, Co.Antrim.

Original Railway Poster Guernsey The Sunshine Island Pat Nevin  1958 Ulster by Nevin

Left to right:Guernsey: The Sunshine Island” (1949) and “Ulster: Sunshine, Legend & Sport” (1958)  both published by British Railways.

Left to right: 1938 RAC race programme with cover illustration by Nevin and a self-portrait of the artist painting a crashed racing car – signed Frederick Nevin.

Fascinating background information about the artist here: Bear Alley: Pat Nevin

Newland, Andrew (1950)


Niblock, Jay (1987)


Ní Chíobháin, Áine


Originally from Cork the artist has been living and working in Dingle, County Kerry since 2007.  She has an Honours Degree from Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork City.  Her artwork can be found in many public and private collections.

Nichol, Sean (1920 – 2005) 

Trees on the River Bank” watercolour drawing (10″ x 14″), unsold at Ross’s – 5/9/2018.

Nicholl, Andrew RHA (1804 – 1886)


Storm at Giant’s Causeway” watercolour (17″ x 26″), sold at Adam’s – 28/9/2016 for €1,900.00.


Mitchelstown Cave” 1854, watercolour (10″ x 13″), sold at Adam’s – 13/12/2016 for €130.00.


Left to right:Ballyreagh Castle, near Portrush, Co.Antrim” watercolour with scratching out (10″ x 14″); and “Garron Point from Glenarm, Co.Antrim” watercolour over pencil (7.5″ x 12″). Both sold at Woolley & Wallis (Salisbury, UK) – 12/9/2017 for £300 and £320 respectively.

The Boyne Obelisk, with cattle watering” watercolour (17″ x 23.5″), sold at Adam’s – 22/11/2017 for €2,900.

Cloncurry’s Towers, Maretimo, Blackrock, Co.Dublin” – possibly the best known of Andrew Nicholl’s Irish work was the set of paintings commissioned to coincide with the opening of the Dublin & Kingstown Railway in 1834.  The magnificent towers, harbour and bathing pavilion at Maretimo were built by the railway company as part of a compensation package for Valentine Lawless, 2nd Baron Cloncurry through whose land the railway was constructed.

Andrew Nicholl’s Paintings of the Antrim Coast in 1828” published by the Glens of Antrim Historical Society (1984). Twenty coloured plates. Scarce.

Nicholl, Sandra

Geese over Lough Neagh” oil on canvas (16″ x 22″), sold at Ross’s – 9/8/2017 for £120.00.

Nicholls, Charles Wynne (1831 – 1903)

Studied art at the Royal Dublin Society’s Schools and the Royal Hibernian Academy. He began to exhibit in 1859 as a Member of the Royal Hibernian Academy., and exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy as well. He left Ireland for London in 1864, but continued to exhibit in Dublin for the rest of his life. Known for his portrait, landscape and oriental work.

Nicholls, Nick (1914 – 1991)

Nicol, Erskine RSA ARA (1825 – 1904)


The Basket Mender” oil on panel. Sold at Christies, London – 19/5/2000 for £4,700.

Guinness’ Best” dated 1857, oil on panel (11″ x 9″), unsold at de Veres – 4/4/2017.

Nicoll, Jock (1962)

Scottish born landscape artist living and working in County Laois.

Nietsche, Paul RUA (1885 – 1950)


Left to right:Cottage in a Mountain Landscape” oil on board (24″ x 20″), sold at Adam’s – 31/5/2017 for €4,200; and “Self Portrait” oil on canvas board, dated 1944 (27″ x 20″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 5/12/2016.

Landscape” oil on canvas (40″ x 48″), sold at Whyte’s – 28/5/2018 for €2,800.

Nisbet, Tom RHA (1909 – 2001)


Leeson Place” watercolour, sold at James Adams – 1/6/16 for €450.00


Left to right:Landscape with River and Bridge” watercolour (13.5″ x 15.5″) and “River Scene” watercolour (10″ x 14″), sold at Whyte’s – 25/7/2016 for €240.00 and €190.00 respectively.

Lake with mountain in the distance” watercolour (10.5″ x 14.5″), unsold at Whyte’s – 23/10/2017.

Nolan, Conor


Dublin born Illustrator, Designer and Printmaker.

Nolan, David (1966)


Portrait artist.

Hugh Percy Lane” oil on canvas (18″ x 14″), unsold at Ross’s – 26/2/2020.

Nolan, James RHA (1929 – 2015) 

Dublin born artist, James Nolan studied Fine Art at St.Martin’s College of Art in London and the National College of Art in Dublin under Sean Keating and Maurice MacGonigal.

He graduated in Fine Art in 1958 and from 1959 to 1977 he taught Fine Art at the NCAD before leaving to take up painting as a full time career.

Athgarvan Mill, Athgarvan, Co Kildare” oil on canvas  (14″ x 18″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 19/6/2017 for €400.00.

Landscape, Baldoyle” oil on canvas board (8″ x 10″), sold at de Vere’s – 1/7/2018 for €150.00.

Nolan, Ray (-2019)

Noonan, Colm

Portrait artist from County Roscommon.

Noonan, John (1958)

Mountain Landscape” 1990, oil on canvas (24″ x 35″),  sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 22/5/2017 for €120.00.

Norton, Bettina


Self-taught artist based in Thomastown, Co.Kilkenny.

Norton, Clody (1938) 

Black Shack with boats at Walberswick” oil on board (12″ x 24.5″), sold at Fonsie Mealy’s – 7/3/2018 for €300.

Wexford Landscape” oil on board (14″ x 10″), sold at Fonsie Mealy’s – 7/3/2018 for €220.00.