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Gaffney, Aidan

Belfast artist.

Galbally, Cecil RHA (1911-1995)

After-Glow at Clontarf” oil on panel (11″ x 15¾”)

Gale, Martin RHA (1949)


Left to right: Mayo Shed” oil on canvas board (10″ x 12″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s (RDS) – 10/4/2017 for €1,100; and  “In the Sticks” 2003,  oil on canvas (36″ x 42″), sold at de Vere’s – 22/11/2016 for €6,500.00.

Leaving the Glens” 1998, oil on canvas (35.5″ x 47″), unsold at de Vere’s – 21/11/2017.

Gallagher, Breda


Howth Peninsula” oil on canvas (14″ x 18″), sold at Adams – 16/12/2014 for €100.00.

Gallagher, Eileen


Left to right:Our Homestead” watercolour (11″ x 15″), sold at Ross’s – 10/8/2016 for £60.00; and “Irish Lighthouse” acrylic on canvas (8″ x 8″), unsold at Ross’s – 11/10/2017.

Galway, Helen

Ganly, Rose Bridget RHA (1909-2002)

Ganly R B

Connemara Mountain”  dated 1986, oil on panel (20″ x 24″) sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 8/8/2016 for €600.00.


At the Top of the Hill” pastel (11″ x 15″), sold at Adam’s – 13/12/2016 for €160.00.

Nude, dated 1951, oil on canvas (21″ x 18″), sold at Whyte’s – 27/11/2017 for €12,000.

Gardiner, Arnold

Garrett, Kathleen

Tipperary born artist now living and working in County Laois.

Mackerel on a Table” oil on card (15″ x 20″), sold at de Vere’s – 23/10/2017 for €150.00.

Garstin, Norman (1847-1926)

The Rain It Raineth Every Day” in the collection of Penlee House Gallery & Museum.

Gaston, Roy (1937)



Goats in the Glens” watercolour drawing (14″ x 21″), sold at Ross’s – 9/11/2016 for £500.00.

Gault, George (1916-2001)

Born in Belfast.


Near Atlantic Drive, Co.Donegal” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″)  – dated 1951. Sold at Christies – 3/9/2008 for £1,875 .00

George Gault

The Mourne Mountains” (6″ x 14″) watercolour drawing. Sold at Ross’s – 3/12/2014 for £60.00.

Geoghegan, Kathrine


Geoghegan, Trevor (1946)

Dragon Fly Cushions Trevor Geoghegan

“Dragon Fly Cushions” oil on panel (dated 1978) – sold Morgan O’Driscoll 5/2016 – €420.00.

Gibney, Arthur RHA (1931-2006)

Trinity College” watercolour (18″ x 12″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 18/9/2017 for €360.00.

Gibson, Colin (1948)

Colin Gibson was born in Belfast and worked with the Belfast Telegraph as a graphic designer before he decided to become a full-time artist at the age of twenty-six. His first solo exhibition was held at the Nelson Bell Gallery in 1968. Gibson’s work has travelled to places as far away as Canada, America and Australia and can be easily recognised for its true depiction of Ireland. His paintings are all painted ‘en plein air’ which create a realistic atmosphere for the viewer.

University Road Belfast Colin Gibson

University Road, Belfast” oil on board.

Colin Gibson  Colin Gibson 2 

O’Connell Street Bridge, Dublin“, and “Trinity College, Dublin” both (9″ x 14″) oil on board.


Clows, Princes Dock Street, Belfast” oil on board (14″ x 20″), unsold at Adam’s – 28/9/2016.


Left to right:The Grand Canal, Venice” oil on board (15″ x 15″), sold at Ross’s – 3/5/2017 for £220.00; and “The Harbour, Clifden, Connemara” oil on canvas (12″ x 16″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 14/8/2017 for €200.00.

Gillespie, George K (1924-1995) 

Born in Belfast, he attended the Belfast College of Art studying jewellery, silversmithing and painting.

Gillespie  gillespie-george

Left to right:The Burn near Castlederg” oil on board (14″ x 18″) sold at Ross’s – 22/6/2016 for £800.00; and “Shimna River, Kingdom of Mourne” oil on board (30″ x 40″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 5/12/2016 for €3,000.00.

Near Mulroy Bay, County Donegal” oil on canvas (24″ x 36″), sold at Whyte’s – 27/11/2017 for €1,400.

Steam Meets Sail” oil on canvas (16″ x 20″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 23/10/2017.

Glenavy, (née Elvery) Lady Beatrice RHA (1881-1970)

Born Beatrice Moss Elvery.


Woman with Children and Lamb in a Garden” oil on canvas (24″ x 16″), sold at Whyte’s – 2/10/2017 for €2,400.

Glennie, James

Self-taught Belfast artist who likes to paint in a Lowryesque style amongst other things.

The Beach” oil on canvas (16″ x 20″) for sale on eBay 7/7/2017 here.

Glynn, Gerry


Afternoon Rush, College Green” oil on board (10″ x 14″), unsold at Gormley’s 23/11/2016.

Goldberg, David 

Gordon William, R RUA (1882-1955)

Bridge at Ballydrain” oil on board (15″ x 20″), unsold at Whyte’s – 11/3/2015.

Goti, Ronan (1978)


Ronan Goti was born in Dublin and studied fine art in Ballyfermot Senior Art College from 1996 to 1999 before attending NCAD in 2000. After a further 2 years of self study he began exhibiting in mid 2002 while regularly attending life drawing sessions at the RHA.

Breaking Waves, Portmarnock” oil on card, sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 19/11/2012 for €900.00.

Goulding, Noel


Left to right:The Spire, 2006” acrylic on canvas board (23″ x 11.5″); and ”Jammet’s Restaurant, Dublin” acrylic on canvas (18″ x 24″).

Goulding, Tim (1945)



Autumn Fields, West Cork” acrylic on canvas (16″ x 20″), sold at Whyte’s – 12/6/2001 for €2,793 including buyer’s premium.

Goulet, Yann Renard RHA (1914-1999)

View of the Carlisle Bridge and Dargle River, Bray” oil on canvas (21″ x 25″), sold at Whyte’s – 30/5/2016 for €950.00.

Gourley, George (1958)


Gracey, Theodore J RUA (1895-1959)


Marble Hill Bay, Co.Donegal” watercolour (9″ x 14″). Sold Bigwood Fine Art Auctioneers – 26/7/2013 for £130.00.


Donegal landscape, c.1939” oil on panel (11″ x 16″), unsold at Whyte’s – 17/7/2017.

Graham, Barbara (1946)

Untitled landscape, oil on canvas (11.5″ x 15.5″), sold at Sheppard’s (Durrow) – 26/9/2017 for €160.00.

Graham, Carol PPRUA (1951)


Satin Skirt with Two Apples” oil on canvas (19.5″ x 23.5″), sold at Adam’s – 27/9/2017 for €600.00.

Grainger Hunt, Rachel

Rachel G Hunt

Bathing, Donegal” acrylic on board (8″ x 10″). Unsold at Ross’s – 10/8/2016.

Granville, Geraldine

Dublin artist.

Gray, Philip

Cork born artist.


Gray, Reginald (1930-2013)

Portrait artist.

Gray, Sam

Northern Irish artist.

Glen River and Mourne Mountains” acrylic (12″ x 16″).

Greaney, Tom (1927-2017)

Tom Greaney

Dooega Coast, Achill, Co.Mayo” oil on canvas board (19.5″ x 23.5″), sold at Dolan’s (Connemara Auction – Aug.2016) for €350.00.

The Salmon Leap” oil on canvas (24″ x 32″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 13/3/2017 for €280.00.

Curragh Chase, County Limerick” oil on board (14″ x 20″), sold at Ross’s – 11/10/2017 for £340.00.

Greig, Neal (1965)

Born in Belfast. Attended Edinburgh College of Art.

Neal Grieg

Summer Meadow” oil on board (27″ x 27″), sold at Dolan’s (Connemara Auction – Aug.2016) for €1,350.00.


Grey, Charles RHA (1808-1892)


A Chestnut Hunter in a Landscape with Sugar Loaf beyond from the Grounds of Powerscourt Estate” oil on canvas (19″ x 26″), sold at Mealy’s Kilfane House sale – 4/10/2016 for €700.00.

Grey, E. L. Alfred RHA (1845-1926)

Son of Charles Grey (above) and known for his pastoral scenes.


View from Shanganagh, Co.Dublin” oil on canvas (14″ x 20″), sold at Whyte’s – 16/9/2003 for €2,800.

Grey, James RHA (d.1886)


Farmyard Scene” oil on canvas (14.5″ x 20.5″) dated 1878, sold at Fonsie Mealy’s – 8/3/2017 for €1,900.00.

Griffith, Patricia (1912-1973)


River scene with Children and oil-drums” oil on canvas (28″ x 36″), sold at Whyte’s 19/9/2006 for €9.800.

Grimes, Helena


County Longford born artist and illustrator now based in Limerick.

Mary, Grogan (1960)

Coole Swan” pastel (15.5″ x 13″), sold at Dolan’s (Connemara Sale) – August 2017 for €150.00.

Grogan, Matt (1947)

grogan-matt  grogan-matt

Left to right:Still Life – Fruit & Vase” oil on board (6″ x 8″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 23/1/2017 for €300.00; and “Cathedral Town” oil on board (5″ x 7″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 30/1/2017 for €200.00.

Grogan, Nathaniel (c.1740-1807)

Growney, Peter


Guihan, Gemma


Painter and Sculptor based in Mountmellick, Co.Laois.

The Barley and The Oats” dated 1997, oil on board (11″ x 16.5″), sold at Sean Eacrett’s (Doyle’s Schoolhouse Sale) – 1/10/2017 for €460.00.

Grattan Guinness, Mary Jane (1805-1870)

irelands Eye Howth 260 euros

Ireland’s Eye, Howth” watercolour drawing. Sold Whyte’s 15/12/2007 – €260.00.

Guilfoyle, Josephine


Kauto Star” oil on canvas (30″ x 24″) unsold Ross’s 6/11/2013.


Ted and Red” oil on canvas (18″ x 23″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 30/1/2017 for €80.00.


Guilfoyle, Paul (1950)

Paul Guilfoyle

Burst of light, Doolagh, Co.Mayo” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″), sold at Dolan’s (Connemara Auction – Aug.2016) for €925.00.

Guilfoyle 2  guilfoyle-paul

Left to right:Moonlight” oil on canvas (11.5″ x 15.5″), sold at Dolan’s (Connemara Auction – Aug.2016) for €450.00; and “Near Killarney” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″), sold at Whyte’s – 12/3/2012 for €1,900.

Guinness, Lindy (1941)

Landscape near Moulay Idriss, Morocco” dated 2000,  oil on board (8″ x 10″), sold at Woolley & Wallis, Salisbury, England – 29/11/2017 for £800.00.

Guinness, Mary Catherine “May” (1863-1955)


Boats in Harbour” watercolour (11″ x 8″) sold at Adam’s – 1/10/2014 for €1,400.

Gunning, Tony (1954)


Tony Gunning has been a professional artist since 2000.

Following his sell-out debut at the Davis Gallery, Dublin, in 2002 he has had twelve solo shows and has exhibited at numerous group shows including RA, RHA and RUA annual exhibitions.

In 2007 he won the Curator’s Award and the Bank of Ireland Emerging Artist Award at EV+A (Ireland’s pre-eminent contemporary arts showcase).

Internationally he has exhibited solo at the European Parliament, Brussels and was part of the Irish representation at the Florence Biennale 2005. He is a regular exhibitor at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London. His paintings are included in many corporate and private collections worldwide.

Tony’s work defies labels and ranges from small local scenes to very large scale contemporary realism but blue skies, bright colour, stark contrast and irregular perspective are recurring style motifs.

After the Rain” acrylic on canvas (17″ x 21″) – available from the artist here.


Left to right:East Pier Bandstand” acrylic on canvas (12″ x 14″); “Cut Bog” acrylic on canvas (12″ x 16″); and “Fek Off Crows” acrylic on canvas (8″ x 10″).