Many British artists have painted Irish scenes over the years, whether for commercial purposes, or in a private capacity, and I will be adding them to this page. Railway companies and postcard publishers on both sides of the Irish Sea used a wide variety of well known British artists to paint Irish scenes.

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Page updated 13/7/2018.

Allen, Harry Epworth RBA (1894-1958)

Born in Sheffield, England. Awarded the Military Medal in World War.I.

Connemara Cottages H E Allen  Keel Lake Achill H E Allen

Left to right:Connemara Cottages” pastel (10″ x 14) sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s 20/4/2015 – €1,400.00 and “Keel Lake, Achill Island“.


Connemara Cottagesegg tempera (10″ x 14″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 23/1/2017 and Sheppard’s (Durrow) – 26/9/2017.

A lot more of his Irish work can be viewed here: Art Net: H E Allen

Audigier, Elizabeth M

English born artist now working in Connemara.

Audigier E M

The Maumeen Mountains, Connemara” watercolour (20″ x 27″), sold at Dolan’s (Connemara Auction – Aug.2016) for €325.00.

Bailey, Nancy (1913-2012)

Barker, John (1911-1959)

A graphic artist who worked under the name Kraber in the late 1930s.

Designed posters for London Transport and British Railways.

1955 John Barker

Bartlett, William Henry RBA (1858–1932)

Bartlett, William Henry, 1858-1932; The End of the Fair, Back to the Island

The End of the Fair, Back to the Island” © National Museums Northern Ireland


Wool Washing, Connemara” an early postcard (p.u 1904) is an affordable way to collect the artist’s work!

Bernardini, Walter

Black, Montague Birrell (1884-1964)

Born Stockwell, London he was Poster artist and illustrator.

British Railways poster extolling the delights of Portrush.

Boler, Cyril (1895-1978)

A Cabin, Connemara” watercolour (14.5″ x 20.5″) sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 17/10/2011 for €450.00.

Bone, Stephen NEAC (1904-1958)


The Custom House, Dublin” oil on board (12″ x 16″), sold at Whyte’s – 10/12/2016 for €580.00.

Bool, Charles A (1876-1942)

Born and died in Bath, England.

In the Mourne Mountains” watercolour drawing (11″ x 15″), unsold at Ross’s – 9/8/2017.

An Irish Village” watercolour drawing (11″ x 15″), unsold at Ross’s – 9/8/2017.

Bourke, Robert (1909-1991)

Robert Burke was an art teacher and landscape and figure painter. He was born in Dundee in Scotland, and studied at Dundee College of Art. He subsequently became art teacher at the Boy’s Central School in Grantham, Lincolnshire, between 1931 and 1936. He then moved to Ireland, and from 1936 to 1974 he was headmaster at the Waterford School of Art. In 1937 he joined the organising committee of the annual WAE, later becoming its chairman. He exhibited at the RA, RSA, RHA and the Paris Salon. He died in Dunmore East, Co Waterford, in 1991. Ref: Greyfriars Municipal Gallery Waterford

The Quay, Waterford, 1946” pen and wash on paper.

Bowers, Stephen J – (fl.1880-1900)

Watercolour artist.

Supplied Misch & Stock, London, postcard publishers, with artwork for their “Nature Miniatures” series.

Rock of Cashel Misch & Stock Misch & Stock The Giants Causeway Misch & Stock Glendalough

Left to right:The Rock of Cashel“, “The Giant’s Causeway”  and “Glendalough” – Misch & Stock.

Original watercolours by Stephen Bowers are still very affordable and crop up on eBay from time to time.

Bravington, Fruin Bruce Charles (1910-2000)

Cottage near Bantry” oil on board (10″ x 13″), unsold at Ross’s – 11/10/2017.

Breanski de, Alfred Fontville Jnr. (1877-1957)

Fisherman’s House, Donegal, Ireland” oil on canvas (23″ x 30″), sold at Adam’s – 31/5/2017 for €1,700.


Left to right:Ross Castle, Killarney” and “McGillycuddy’s Reeks” – two examples of the artist’s work reproduced as postcards by J.Salmon Ltd., Sevenoaks.

Brobbel, John Christopher RBA (1950)

Farmyard, Kilbrack” oil on board (6.5″ x 9.5″), unsold at Whyte’s – December 2014.

“Wild Flowers in a Lovat Jug” dated 1993, oil on canvas (20″ x 16″), sold at Whyte’s – 30/11/2004 for €1,800.

Buckle, Claude (1905-1973)


Burtonshaw, Keith (1930-2008)

Keith Burtonshaw was a highly competent self-taught artist, influenced by Constable, Gainsborough and Reynolds. Watercolour was his principal medium, but he also worked in oil, and occasionally graphite and pastel.


Morning Light, Connemara” watercolour (10″ x 14″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 30/1/2017 for €100.00.


Left to right:Connemara” watercolour (11″ x 14″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 30/1/2017 for €120.00; and “Connemara” watercolour (10.5″ x 13.5″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 28/5/2018 for €70.00.

Chapleo, Beatrice RUA

English born artist living and working in Northern Ireland for many years.

The Pheasant” gouache, (16″ x 22″) sold at Whyte’s – Irish Youth Foundation London Auction – 9/11/2006 for €1,125.

Clarke, Derek RSW ARSA (1912- 2014)

Connemara Family” dated 1946, oil on canvas, (36″ x 48”), sold at Adams – 26/3/2013 for €38,000.

Cobb, David (1921-2014)


Left to right:Northern Ireland, Mountains of Mourne” dated 1954, oil on board (30″ x 24″), sold at Christie’s, London – 5/10/2005 for £600.00; and a 1950’s British Railways poster incorporating the painting – also sold at Christie’s, London – 15/9/2008 for £500.00.

Corner, Sarah (1964)

The Golden Vale, The River Suir, Tipperary” oil on paper (11″ x 20″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 19/6/2017.

Cotton, Alan (1938)

Born in England at Redditch, Worcestershire Alan Cotton studied at Redditch and Bournville Schools of Art, the Painting School of Birmingham College of Art and the University of Birmingham.

Cowern, Raymond Teague (1913-1986)

Raymond Teague Cowern 1  R T Cowern 2

Left to right: Posters published Baynard Press (1952) and by Browne & Nolan Ltd (1953).

Crosse, Malcolm (fl. 1891-1914)

Westport, Clewe Bay” watercolour (7.5″ x 15.5″) one of a pair sold at Ewbanks – 23/6/2016 for just £75.00.

Downings Bay, Sheephaven” watercolour (7.5″ x 15.5″) the other one of the pair sold at Ewbanks – 23/6/2016 for just £75.00.

Cusden, Leonard (1898-1979) 

British graphic artist who produced numerous travel, safety and other posters during the 1930s.

cusden-leonard  cusden-leonard-2

Left to right: 1932 poster produced for the English Great Western Railway and an earlier one from 1926.

Drummond, Nora (1862 – 1949)

Was born in Somerset, England, the second of fourteen children she came from an artistic family – her father being a former Master of the Bath School of Art and Design and an art tutor to the Royal Family, and her mother the daughter of the artist James Hardy (1801-1879). A number of other close relations were also well known artists of the day.

Duncan, Mary (1885-1964)

English artist who lived in Ireland for a 12 year period.

Mary Duncan

Farm buildings with hens by a pond” oil on canvas (18″ x 22″) sold at Whyte’s – 10/12/2005 for  €1,000.00.

Eccles, Ross (1937)

English born but based in Ireland since 1971.

Malahide Castle” 1995, watercolour and ink – offered on eBay in June 2018.

Eldred, Mark (1964)

Mark Eldred was born in Hong Kong but grew up in rural Norfolk, England. After leaving school he went to Goldsmiths Art College in London and in 1985 received his Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in fine art for landscape & portrait painting. After a period travelling the world he returned to England eventually moving to the West of Ireland in 1992.


Left to right:Oaks and Bluebells, Killarney” oil on canvas (16″ x 24″); and “The Cliffs of Moher“.

Cliff Walk, Loop Head Peninsula” oil on canvas (16″ x 24″).

Just a taste of what is available directly from the artist at his own gallery here:

Elliot, Graham

The Judging Ring, RDS Horse Show” oil on canvas board (18″ x 24″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 5/3/2018.

Ellis, Cuthbert Hamilton (1909-1987)

Great Northern Railway (Ireland) 4–4–0 Locomotive No.172” Photo credit: National Railway Museum/Science & Society Picture Library


Left to right:Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway 4–8–4T Locomotive No.6” and “2-6-4T Locomotive Alice”.

Photo credit: National Railway Museum/Science & Society Picture Library

Farr, Patsy

Patsy Farr is a painter and musician living and working in the west of Ireland. Her career as an artist began in Cornwall in the 1980’s under the training of Henry Israel. During this period she showed work in Cornwall, Bristol and London. In 1991 she won the Frank Herring award at the Pastel Society.

Since moving to Ballyferriter in 2000 her work has been shown in one person and mixed exhibitions in Dingle, Paris, and The Blackbird Gallery, Kilkenny & The Doorway Gallery, Dublin. Her paintings are widely collected and in 2004 a piece was purchased for the National Museum of Ireland.

Finch, Richard Henry Carew (1908-1985) 

English born Abstract/Landscape artist. Little information available.


The Bay of Bray and the Wicklow Mountains” oil on canvas (22″ x 29″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 30/1/2017 and again 12/3/2018.

Forty, Frank (1902-1996)

A British artist known in Ireland for his watercolour landscapes of Donegal and Kerry, Frank Forty was a consultant surgeon as well as a musician and painter. He exhibited with the Royal Society of British Artists, the Medical Art Society (London), the Federation of British Artists and the Society of French Artists, as well as with various local and provincial English societies.


Muckish, Donegal” oil on board. Sold at Whyte’s 15/12/2007 – €200.00.

Fryer, Katherine “Kate” Mary (1910-2017)


Gathering Stones, Aran Islands” oil on canvas (21.5″ x 26″), sold at Whytes – 9/10/2001 for €2,031 including buyer’s premium.

Gallon, Robert (1845-1925)

A landscape and coastal painter who lived in St John’s Wood, London.  He travelled extensively throughout the British Isles to paint his subjects.


Ross Castle, Co.Kerry” from an early 20th century postcard published by Hildesheimer (London).

Gaythwaite, Miles W

Bog Island, Fermanagh” watercolour drawing (16″ x 20″), unsold at Ross’s – 31/5/2017.

Goode, Martin (1932-2002)

Gould, David RA RHA (1871–1952) 

Lough Corrib, Galway” dated 1920, watercolour – sold on eBay 16/11/2017 for £75.

Lough Mask, Connemara” watercolour.

Grandison, William

Greene, John (active 1957-1965)

John Greene good image

Greenwell, Patricia

Patricia graduated in Fine Art from Durham University in 1959. She taught art in secondary schools for a few years, but since the mid 1960’s she has worked as a self employed, free-lance artist. Patricia paints in a variety of media, exhibiting works in watercolour, pastel, acrylic, tapestry and mixed media. Subjects range from conventional, representational, still life, architectural and landscapes to abstract images based on the same range of subjects.

Peat workers having a chat, Connemara” watercolour (9″ x 13″).

Guille, Captain J D

Noted for his detailed paintings of British and Irish hunting scenes.

Bray Hounds on Bray Head” oil on board (19.5″ x 23.5″), sold at Milltown Country Auction Rooms – 11/9/2017 for €1,200.

Gulland, George Lovell (1862-1941) 

Professor George Lovell Gulland, was a well known Cardiac and Haematology specialist from Edinburgh. He also served with distinction with the Royal Army Medical Corps during the Great War. One of his relaxations seems to have been painting and a number of his watercolours have been sold in recent years.

Ballyhoorisky, Donegal” 1934, watercolour.

Halliday, Claire Patricia (1961)

Castlehaven Ash” dated 2015, acrylic and mixed media (20″ x 28″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 13/3/2017 for €200.00.

Hamilton Ellis, Cuthbert (1909-1987)

Railway artist.

Ellis, Cuthbert Hamilton, 1909-1987; Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway 4-8-4T Locomotive No.6

Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway 4-8-4T Locomotive No.6“. Collection of the National Railway Museum, York.

2-6-4T Locomotive 'Alice'

Co.Donegal Railways 2-6-4T Alice in the Barnesmore Gap“. Collection of the National Railway Museum, York.

Hely Hutchinson, Nicholas (1955)


Beltra Lough, Co.Mayo” dated 2002, oil on canvas (34″ x 40″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 23/1/2017 for €1,600.

Hill, Rowland Henry (1873-1952)

Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Cottages, Co.Donegal” watercolour, sold at Mealy’s – 4/10/2016 for €240.00.

Hiney, Helen

Horder, Margaret (1903-1978)

Born in New South Wales, Australia.

Bundoran by Horder

GNR Sunny at Howth poster

Howes, Rodney (1948)

In the Mournes” oil on canvas (24″ x 30″), sold at Ross’s – 9/8/2017 for £140.00.

Hubbard, Eric Hesketh (1892-1957)


London, Midland & Scottish Railway poster.

Jamieson, F E (1895-1950)


Ross Castle, Killarney” dated 1916, oil on canvas (25″ x 35″), sold on eBay 1/2017 for £843.90.

Johnson, Liz

Keene, Ezra ‘Elmer’ (1853–1929)

Ezra ‘Elmer’ Keene was born in 1853 in Nottinghamshire to a Quaker family. During the 1870s he switched from being a miller and baker to being an artist and photographer. Elmer married a Yorkshire girl Eliza Darlow and they had 11 children, four of whom became artists. The family moved to Leicester in 1901; Elmer died there in 1929.

He was known for producing card-friendly images in coastal and rural places, often moonlight scenes. Ref:

Elmer Keene was a mainly a postcard artist who painted over 2,000 postcards of landscapes and marine scenes.

Innisfallen” charcoal drawing (13″ x 26″) sold by Sulis Fine Art.


Two postcard views from the “Chic” series published by Charles Worcester & Co., Bristol – dating from 1910 – left to right: “The Upper Lake, Killarney” and  “The Amphitheatre, Giant’s Causeway“.

King, Charles

1953 Portrush Charles King

1953 British Railway poster.

Klee, Raymond  (-2013)

Welsh born artist who spent the latter years of his life in Bantry, Co.Cork.


Sky over Inchydoney” oil on board (11″ x 17″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 30/1/2017 for €240.00.

Klitz, Anthony Robert (1917 – 2000)

Born in Southport, he attended Bishop Wordsworth’s School in Salisbury and studied art at the Cheltenham Art College from 1936-1939, whilst simultaneously training to be an architect.

He lived and worked in Ireland in the latter part of his long and prolific career. He specialised in urban cityscapes and architectural landscapes with a soft impressionistic style and bold use of colour. He exhibited throughout Ireland and the UK regularly since the 1950s and produced many works in both oil and watercolour.

View of the Four Courts, Dublin” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″), sold at Whyte’s – 15/12/2007 for €2,500.

By the River Lee, Cork” oil on canvas (24″ x 36″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 21/5/2018 for €850.00.

Prints of the artist’s work are available here:

Lancaster, Percy RBA ARE RI (1878-1951)

Summer Light, Connemara” oil on canvas (25″ x 30″), sold at Rosebery’s (West Norwood, UK) – 6/12/2017 for £800.00.

Lander, Ronald Montague (1913-1982?)

Born in London and studied at the Hammersmith School of Art. Freelance commercial artist and poster designer. Chief designer and studio manager at Ralph Mott Studio (1930-9). Worked for Government Ministries and British Transport Commission. Produced posters for GWR, LNER, British Rail and the Post Office.

Northern Ireland British Rlys poster by Landerr - Copy

The Ampitheatre, Giant’s Causeway” British Railways/Northern Ireland Tourist Board poster sold on eBay 7/7/14 – £124.00.

Lampitt, Ronald (1906-1988)

Ronald Lampitt was born in Worcester in 1906. He was a painter and illustrator in oils and watercolour, specialising in landscapes and rural scenes. He produced a lot of posters for the GWR, LMS, SR as well as BR. He also produced work for book and magazine covers, and for Ladybird books. More about his various books here:

Ronald Lampitt Irish poster

British Railways poster featuring the Vale of Clara in County Wicklow dating from 1958.

Leach, Dorothy M (1924 – 2015) 

Ervallagh, Connemara” oil on canvas (11.5″ x 27.5″), sold at London Auctions (Chiswick) – 22/1/2018 for £65.

Letterfrack, Connemara – View from Manor House” oil on canvas (12″ x 28″).

Leckey, Pat

Pat Leckey was born in Yorkshire and lived between the Yorkshire Dales and Ilkley Moor before marrying and moving to Lisburn.

Chickens Feeding” watercolour drawing (8″ x 11″), sold at Ross’s – 2/2/2017 for £40.

Lee-Wade, Robert RUA (1944)

Longstaffe, Edgar (1852-1933)

A well known Victorian landscape painter from Derbyshire. During the 1880s he exhibited five times at the Royal Academy as well as at the Royal Hibernian Academy and at Birmingham. A prolific painter, many of his original works, most commonly signed with a monogram but sometimes initialed ‘E.L.’ or signed ‘E Longstaffe’ regularly turn up at auction.

The artist was employed by various postcard publishers including Raphael Tuck & Sons and S. Hildesheimer & Co.

The Old Weir Bridge, Killarney, Co.Kerry” from an early 20th century postcard published by S.Hildesheimer & Co.


Two more Hildesheimer postcard views: “The Gap of Dunloe, Killarney” and “Ross Castle, Killarney“.

Longueville, James (1942)

Longueville in Aus

Fair Weather, Manning Bay, Connemara” oil on board (20″ x 30″) sold at Lawsons, New South Wales, Australia – 19/10/2014 for Au $1,000.00/€640.00.

Marshall, John J (1940)  

John Marshall was born in London but following a visit to Northern Ireland some 40 years ago he became captivated with the Irish countryside, so much so that he settled here.

Donegal Thatch” watercolour (7.5″ x 12″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 25/9/2017 for €90.00.

Mason, William (1906 – 2002) 

Born in Newport in south Wales. Mason studied at Newport College of Art, 1923 – 27, and the Royal College of Art, 1927 – 31. Taught at Scarborough School of Art, 1932 – 37, and at St. Albans School of Art from 1945 until his retirement in the early 1970’s.

Mason spent much of his life in Belfast where his talent was recognised by gallery owner and important collector George McClelland who promoted his work for many years.


Butt Bridge, Dublin” dated 1970, pastel (8″ x 12″), sold at Whytes – 10/12/2016 for €380.00.

Maybank, Thomas H (1869 – 1929)

Born Hector Thomas Maybank Webb in Beckenham, Kent, son of William Webb, a school board visitor, and his wife Annie, a china and glass dealer. At the age of eight he was thrown from a horse, injuring his hip. He stayed in St Thomas’ Hospital for two years with the resulting bone disease.

He became a surveyor for the Borough of Croydon, and in his spare time was a musician, singing baritone and playing the piano, organ and cello. He became a full-time artist in 1902, contributing to Punch regularly until 1909. He was the original artist on Uncle Oojah, written by Flo Lancaster, in the Daily Sketch from 1921.

As an artist and illustrator he was known for his depictions of fairies and pixies and magical landscapes which were used on London Underground advertising posters, prints, and children’s books.


Left to right: “A Kerry Colleen” postcard Eyre & Spottiswoode – Woodbury Series No.4383. and “Torc Mountain from Dinis Island, Killarney” Eyre & Spottiswoode – Woodbury Series No.3882 – postally used 1917.

McIntyre, Robert Finlay (1846-1906)

A London artist who exhibited at the Royal Academy, Royal Society of British Artists, the New English Art Club and the Goupil Gallery. His paintings are delicate and often painted in an impressionistic manner.


Upper Lake, Killarney” from an early 20th century postcard published by Raphael Tuck & Sons (London).

Medhurst, David (1940)

English born artist now living and working in County Down.

Meehan, Susie

I am originally from Edinburgh in Scotland and now live and work in the picturesque village of Quin in County Clare. I am inspired by the beautiful surroundings in Clare, in particular moments of everyday life in the towns and villages which might otherwise be overlooked. I studied at Edinburgh College of Art and after graduating, I continued to paint sporadically as work and life took over with young kids. As they have got older I have had more time to pursue my passion.
Although I have dabbled with many media including oils, pastels and acrylic and have painted many subject matters including portraits, I most enjoy painting buildings and in particular townscapes, most recently with pen and watercolour. I love to put people into my paintings. I think they bring a sense of everyday normality to the scene, while at the same time, bringing them to life. My main aim is to make someone smile when they view my work.

Beers in Bunratty” pen and watercolour.


Left to right:Time for Tea” and “Swanning Around” both pen and watercolour.

Originals, prints and cards are available for sale on the artist’s website.

Merriott, Jack RI, ROI, RSMA, RWS (1901-1968)

Jack Merriott was an English author, artist, and poster designer famous for his artworks produced for British Railways and the General Post Office.

Southern Ireland BR Jack Merriott

Monk, Willam RE (1863-1937)


The Grand Entrance, Irish International Exhibition 1907” watercolour (13″ x 18″), sold at Whyte’s – 9/10/2001 for €888.00 including buyer’s premium.

Morle, Stuart (1960)

Stuart Morle was born in Formby, near Liverpool. He studied Fine Art at the Central School of Art & Design (Central St. Martins) in London from 1979-82. On completing his degree course and having won an Italian government scholarship he went to live in Siena, Italy in the summer of 1982.

After buying and restoring a small property in the Chianti area he began to establish himself as a portrait painter working for both British and Italian clients. In early 2000 he moved to Ireland where his works sell well at Whyte’s Irish art auctions, held quarterly at the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin. Since 2010, he has lived in Lisbon and, more recently in Durham, England. He continues to paint on private commission and also for auction in Ireland.

Killiney Beach Stuart Morle

“Killiney Bay, Ireland” (2012) oil on canvas.

Oakley, Charles Ernest (1925-2008)

Donegal Series” watercolour drawing (8″ x 11″), sold at Ross’s – 13/9/2017 for £180.00.

Olsson, Albert Julius (1864-1942) 

A British maritime artist born in Islington, London and died in Dalkey, Co.Dublin.

Sunset at Bundoran, Northern Ireland” oil on panel (14″ x 18″), unsold at David Lay Auctions, Penzance, Cornwall – 27/7/2017.

Summer Morning, Co.Down” oil on canvas (24″ x 30″) – available here:

Padden, Daphne (1927-2009)

Born in London, the daughter of Percy Padden, a well known a travel poster illustrator  working in the 20’s and 30’s. She attended the Epsom & Ewell School of Art. After college she became a freelance designer, producing posters and publicity material for the British Transport Commission, the Post Office Savings Bank, the British Diabetic Society, ROSPA, P&O, Trust House Forte, British European Airways and British Railways.

NI Ireland 1956 poster by Daphne Padden BR  Barn Owls by their Nest Box 6 x 5 watercolour Daphne Padden

Left to right: a 1956 poster produced for British Railways;  and  a later watercolour “Barn Owls by their Nest Box”  from the late 1970’s when the artist painted for pleasure.

Paget, Walter

Birth of the Irish Republic“.

Powell, Brian David (1932)

The artist was born in York and later moved to Cumbria. Noted for his landscape paintings.

Antrim Holiday” 1998, watercolour (7″ x 11″).

Coastal Night Light, Antrim” 1998, watercolour (7″ x 11″).

Reeves, Wendy


Tranquility in the Mournes” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″), sold at Ross’s – 1/3/2017 for £380.00.

Rendle-Wood, Robert Sydney (1894-1987)

Born in Plymouth, England. A painter of landscapes and coastal scenes in oil, tempera and watercolour. He studied at Plymouth School of Art and later at Edinburgh College of Art under David Foggie. He exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy, Royal Hibernian Academy, Royal Society of Scottish Painters in Watercolours, Glasgow Institute, Society of Scottish Artists, and with the National Society of Painters and Gravers (NS) of which group he was a full member. He lived in Northern Ireland for a number of years and was a member, and later secretary, of the Ulster Art Society in the late 1920s, and was also honorary secretary and member of Ulster Academy of Arts. He returned to the West Country became a member of the St Ives Society of Artists and of the Plymouth Society of Artists. – Sulis Fine Art.


Islandmagee, Co.Antrim” watercolour, from the book Irish Life and Landscape by J Crampton Walker.

Richards, John Inigo (1731-1810)


The Salmon Leap at Leixlip, Ireland” (1764) watercolor and graphite on medium, slightly textured, cream laid paper. In the collection of the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Richmond, Leonard (1889-1965)

Born in Somerset, England.

AKA Leonard “Slim” Richmond was a British painter, graphic artist, illustrator, poster designer, educator, author, art critic and a Canadian war artist.

Leonard Richmond PS RBA RI ROI GWR Killarney poster  The Lakes of Killarney, Ireland sold for 500 AU dollars 3 May 2016 Leonard Joel Auction Melbourne

Left to right:Meeting of the Waters, Killarney” Great Western Railway poster and “The Lakes of Killarney” oil on canvas which sold for A$500 at Leonard Joel Auctions, Melbourne, Australia on the 3/5/2016.

Robinson, Jenni

Jenni Robinson is a Scottish self-taught artist now living in Comber, Co Down.  Focusing on the landscapes, flora and fauna from her travels around the UK and Ireland, she primarily works in acrylics but also enjoys printmaking and runs workshops introducing people to the linocut method.

Giant’s Causeway“.

Dawn at The Shepherd’s Rest, Draperstown“.

Rodmell, Harry Hudson (1896-1984)

Harry Hudson Rodmell was an English painter and Commercial artist, specialising in marine art.

Roper-Curzon, Henry George (1822-1892) 17th Baron Teynham


Lawrence Gate, Drogheda” dated 1878, watercolour (33″ x 23″), sold at Whyte’s – 23/2/2015 for €1,400.00.

Two other works by the artist are held in the Highlanes Gallery Collection at Drogheda, Co.Louth.

Scott, J B

Ireland for Holidays SCOTT

LMS poster from 1930.

Shalders, George (1826-1873) 

Painted scenes of Cork, Kerry and Connemara.

View of Glengariff oil on canvas ( 11″ x 15″) – one of a pair sold at Whyte’s – 29/2/2016 for €2,000.

A cooling stream in Connemara” oil on canvas (24″ x 42″), sold at Christie’s (South Kensington) – 13/3/2013 for £2,250.

Slaughter, Stephen (1697-1765)

An English portrait artist who spent periods of his career in Dublin.


Windham Quin of Adare, Co.Limerick, Ireland” (c.1745) oil on canvas. In the collection of the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Smith, John S

John Smith started drawing from as long back as he can remember. He went to art school just prior to WW.II. when he was called up and joined the Royal Navy. He served on the Cruiser HMS Niagara on the Malta and Russian convoys. After the war he continued his art studies and career. His work has been commissioned by many shipping and railway companies and his art has been used by many leading publishers in the UK and USA.

Spackman, Charles Basil Slater (1995 – 1971)

Basil Spackman was a Norfolk born artist who retired to County Cork after a long and distinguished in the British Armed Services.

Irish Mountain Landscape” watercolour (9.5″ x 13.5) offered on eBay – July 2018.

Sparrow, Clodagh (1905-1957)

Clodagh Sparrow produced many original paintings for her designs commissioned by the railway companies, London, Midland and Scottish, Southern Electric, and London Transport during the 1930s and 1940s. She worked for the Norwegian High Command during World War.II. producing maps for raids on occupied Norway. After the War she studied at the Byam Shaw School of Art and the Slade.

ireland for Holidays 1936 Clodagh Sparrow

This is the only Irish poster that I’ve so far found for the artist, but I like it enough to sneak her onto the site!

Spilsbury Taylor, Maria (1777–1823)


Pattern at Glendalough” c.1816, oil on canvas (40″ x 49″) – part of the The National Folklore Collection.

The Drawing Room, Rossana, Co.Wicklow” dated 1822, pencil, ink and watercolour (9″ x 11″), sold at Christie’s (London) – 7/5/2009 for £5,000.

Stanley, Jacqueline HRHA ARCA (1928)

Tide & Castle, Ballinskelligs” (14″ x 18″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 28/5/2018.

Steel, Kenneth RBA SGA (1906-1970)

A British artist who was noted for his landscapes, street scenes and poster designs. Most of his work was produced as commercial pieces for the railways and he is also represented in a number of public collections including the Waterford Municipal Art Collection where his watercolour “St Audeon’s Church” can be seen in the Waterford Institute of Technology.

Portstewart Kenneth Steele

Above – a 1950s British Railways poster advertising Portstewart, Co.Londonderry.


Above:Figures by St.Audeon’s Church, Dublin” pencil and watercolour. (12.5″x 13.75″), sold at Dolan’s (Connemara Sale) – August 2017 for €450.00.

Kenneth Steel final  

Left to right:Dawson Lane, Dublin” pencil. Sold Adams 11/5/2014 – €320.00; and “Kings Inns” watercolour (12.5″ x 18.5″).

Stuckey, Peter John (1921 – 2013)

Bristol born artist who specialised in aviation and nautical illustrations.

Baltimore Beacon, Ireland” pen and ink drawing (13.5” x 9.5”).

Sweet, Walter Henry aka Brian Gerald (1889-1943)

A prolific West country artist who painted street scenes, moorland views and seascapes. He studied at Exeter School of Art under the guidance of his friend John Shapland. He worked locally and exhibited at the Devon and Exeter Annual Exhibition at the Elands Gallery in the early 1900’s. At the outbreak of the First World War he joined the Devonshire Regiment and saw active service abroad. After the war he moved to Dundee and was employed by James Valentine & Sons as a commercial illustrator.

dunluce-castle  portrush-brian-gerald

His work for Valentines appears under the pseudonym Brian Gerald – apparently the first names of two of his sons.

Thompson, Elizabeth Southerden – Lady Butler (1846-1933)

A renowned British war artist.

Evicted” nr.Glendalough, 1890.

Lady Butler, Battle Artist” – published by by Alan Sutton/National Army Museum, London, in 1987. Still available online.

Tomkus, Edward (1936)

Scottish artist living and working in Ireland for many years.

St.Stephen’s Green, Dublin” dated 1980, oil on board (11″ x 9″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 26/6/2017 for €100.00.


Left to right:O’Connell Bridge, Dublin” oil on board (14″ x 19″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 26/6/2017 for €180.00; and “Grand Canal, Dublin” oil on board (7″ x 9″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 26/6/2017 for €160.00.

Topham, Francis William RA (1808 – 1877)

Cabin interior, Claddagh, Galway” 1849, watercolour (10″ x 8″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 18/9/2017 for €380.00.

The Irish Pattern, Connemara” 1876, oil on canvas (30″ x 60″) –  © Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

Trick, Edward William (1902 – 1991)

A painter of watercolour landscapes and buildings who was born in Exeter. He was deaf and dumb, studied art under John Shapland the former headmaster of the Exeter School of Art. His subjects included cathedrals and old churches, but most of his work was landscapes including Dartmoor and Exmoor views. He exhibited at the local Exeter Art Society exhibitions.

Produced many postcard views for Valentine & Sons Ltd., (Dundee and London) and seems to have covered most of the British Isles. Whether these paintings were produced working from site visits or photographs is uncertain but I favour the latter probability.


Trundley, David (1949) 

Equestrian artist from Cambridgeshire in England.

Old Vic Gallop, Curragh” dated 2006, oil on canvas (25.5″ x 54″), unsold at Whyte’s – 28/5/2018.

Turner, Mike GRA 

Illustration from the front cover of “The Dingle Train” published by the Plateway Press in 1996.

Turner de Lond, William (fl.1820-1837)


George IV, King of England, Entering Dublin” 1821, part of the Collection of the National Gallery of Ireland. Painting shows the procession entering the north end of Sackville Street (now O’Connell Street) with the Rotunda Hospital in the background. An interesting blog post here concerning restoration work carried out on painting in 2016.

Twine, Paul Francis (1930-2000)

Turf Burning Locomotive, Coras Iompair Eireann” dated 1984, oil on board (24″ x 37.5″).

© the artist’s estate and the National Railway Museum/Science & Society Picture Library.

Way, Barnard (1890 – 1958)

A very good bio of the artist may be found here.

West, Dave 

Dave West was born and raised in South Wales and is now settled in Balbriggan, North County Dublin. He studied at the Carmarthenshire College of Art & Design and recently completed a degree in Art History with the Open University. He has had numerous solo exhibitions including ‘Nocturama’ at Draiocht Arts Centre, ‘Spectral’ at the Leinster Gallery and 2 with the Blue Leaf Gallery. He has exhibited widely in Group Shows including the Royal Hibernian Academy, Royal Ulster Academy and Eígse, and in the UK with the Royal West of England Academy, Royal Society of Oil Painters, Royal Society of Marine Artists, The New English Art Club, The Royal Society of British Artists, and the UK Pastel Society, at which he won the 2013 Schminke Award.

Whaite, Clarence (1898-1978)

Clarence Whaite studied at Manchester evening schools, where he was awarded the Herbert Birley Gold Medal Award for Art, and a scholarship to London. He studied painting and design at the Slade.

Clarence Whaite Dalkey Island etc

Sorrento Terrace, Dalkey” oil on canvas (14″ x 18″) dated 1949.

GLEN 2  Clarence Whaite Ballycastle towards Donegal  Sugar Loaf

Left to right: Glenmalure Valley, Lugnaquilla” oil on canvas (14″ x 18″) dated 1949;  “Looking West from Ballycastle, towards Donegal” watercolour with pastel ( 7″ x 10″) and “Sugar Loaf Mountains, Wicklow” oil on canvas (14″ x 18″) dated 1949.

All four sold by Sulis Fine Art.

Wheatley, Francis (1747-1801)


The Dublin Volunteers on College Green, 4th November, 1779” now in the collection of the National Gallery of Ireland.


The Irish House of Commons in 1780” is now in the collection of Leeds City Council and may be seen at Lotherton Hall,  Aberford, Leeds, West Yorkshire.


The Salmon Leap, Leixlip” (1783) is far away in the collection of the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Wickham, Heidi (1966)

Wilcox, Leslie Arthur  RI RSMA (1904-1982)

L A Wilcox was an eminent British artist known mainly for his marine oil paintings. He was also a watercolourist, illustrator, poster artist, marine model-maker and author. His works are to be found in many collections around the world, including the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, and the Royal Collection.

Cushendun, Antrim Coast Road, Northern Ireland. Vintage Travel p

This general Northern Ireland poster must date from between 1953/58 as the Great Northern Railway Board – named on the poster – only existed during that short time frame.

Wilkinson, Norman CBE RI (1878 – 1971)


Coast Road, County Antrim” oil on canvas (18″ x 24″), sold at Whyte’s – 13/6/2001 for €1,523 including buyer’s premium.


SS Connemara” a London & North Western Railway Company postcard.

LMS (London, Midland & Scottish Railway) poster.

UTA Ulster Transport Authority (1948-1966) poster from the 1950s. The UTA also used a number of the artist’s paintings for a series of postcards – now almost as scarce as the original art!


Left to right:Salmon Fisheries, Northern Ireland” lithographic poster also for the UTA Ulster Transport Authority (1948-1966) and dating from the 1950s (40″ x 25″) – sold at Swann Auction Galleries (New York City) – 26/10/2017 for $1,000; and “A Northern Ireland Landscape” (42″ x 52″) linen backed, sold at Whyte’s – 5/5/2018 for €950.00.

Wilson, A J (1924)

A J Wilson was a commercial designer, landscape painter. Designed World War II posters. Also travel posters for British Railways. Member of Savage Art Group. Worked for Artists Partners Agency in Hyde Park, London.


Young, Walter Hayward “Jotter” (1868-1920)


The Gap of Dunloe, Killarney” Jameson Whiskey advertising print (14″ x 22″) purchased by yours truly at Larry O’Keeffe’s Auctions, Clonmel – 19/9/2016 for just €30 including free delivery to Enniscorthy!

Apart from his extensive work for postcard publishers Raphael Tuck & Sons the artist’s paintings are undocumented making the seeking out of his work exciting and frustrating in equal measure. It is believed that the bulk of his original paintings, amounting to many hundred, supplied to Tucks were lost in the Blitz when the German Luftwaffe completely destroyed the company’s premises in a bombing raid on the 29th December, 1940.  All of his postcard work for Tucks can be found on this very useful database:

Hayward Young also supplied various British and Irish railway companies with poster artwork, as well a number of other English postcard publishers. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to come across some of these original paintings in due course. He also found time to write two small books on sketching which can still be found online and are well worth tracking down – see below.

short-cuts-to-sketching  hayward-young-pencil-book-2

“Short Cuts to Sketching” is a very interesting work – much sort after by dealers for its colourful plates – and if you want an intact copy now is the time!

The great bulk of Hayward Young’s postcard work is signed “Jotter” but the paintings usually Hayward Young. He was so prolific an artist that one wonders how much of the work was done from field trips and how much from photographs. His “Short Cuts to Sketching” book mentions trips to Ireland so it is reasonable to assume that he had his sketchbook with him. Certainly much of his work has a lively feel to it unlike much of that produced by other postcard artists who are known to have worked almost solely from photographs. I could go on – and will elsewhere as the opportunity arises – but I’ll finish for now with these two superb Irish postcard views published by Arthur Burkart & Co. of London.

coffee-room-royal-victoria-hotel-killarney-lakes-jotterCoffee Room, Royal Victoria Hotel, Lakes of Killarney“.


Dublin Bay from the Salthill Hotel“.

An interesting drawing of the Lake Hotel, Killarney, from a Great Southern Railways – Ireland Gem of the Sea – tourist guide published in 1930 some ten years after the artist’s death.

Some more information from my postcard site here: Irish Postcards Forum – Jotter