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Cahill, E

Cliffs of Moher, County Clare” oil on board (15″ x 30″), unsold at Whyte’s – 9/7/2018.

Cahill, James (1956)


James Cahill studied at the Crawford College of Art Cork and Putney School of Art London. He lived and worked as an artist in London and Amsterdam before returning to Cork to take up a three-year post as resident artist in the Cork Public Museum.

In 1989 he moved to Dublin and now works from his studio in Temple Bar.

James Cahill

The Pearl Necklace” oil on canvas board (11.75″ x 9.75″), sold at Dolan’s (Connemara Auction – Aug.2016) for €900.00.


Left to right:Portrait of a Lady” oil on board (14″ x 12″); and “Girl with Sapphire Earrings” oil on canvas board (13.5″ x 11.5″), unsold at Dolan’s – 8/2018.

Cahill, Patrick


Patrick Cahill DV The Joys of Walking the Dog  

Left to right:The Joys of Walking the Dog” oil on canvas (16″ x 12″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 12/8/2019 for €800.00; and “Carriage at Stephen’s Green” oil on board (16″ x 24″).

Calderwood, Jack W

A Lisburn artist.

Calderwood, Jack W.; Scrabo Tower from Sketrick Island

Scrabo Tower from Sketrick Island“.

Caldwell, Charles

The Twelve Pins” oil on board (10″ x 12″), sold on eBay – 22/11/2017 for £10.50.

Left to right:Lough Erne, Co.Fermanagh” watercolour (14″ x 17″), unsold at Ross’s – 5/9/2018; and “Horn Head, Donegal” oil on board (14″ x 24″).

Callaghan, Carol

Originally from South Tipperary but now living in Dublin and working as a professional painter since 1984. A self-taught artist, she uses many mediums but chooses to work in oils for most of her pieces. Carol’s subjects cover a wide range from the rugged beauty of the west of Ireland to the small harbours along the coastline of Dublin.

Agnes Cameron and her Father, Ardlui, Monkstown, Co. Dublin” oil on paper (10″ x 13″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 12/3/2018 for €40.

Callaghan, George (1941)

Born in County Antrim, but at the age of four his family emigrated to South Africa.


Conswater” oil on canvas (20″ x 24″), sold at Gormley’s €1,100.

The Harbour, Ballintoy, Co.Antrim” oil and acrylic on canvas (24″ x 32″), sold at Ross’s – 9/8/2017 for £1,900.

The Harbour at Dusk” oil on canvas (22″ x 28″), sold at Gormley’s – 18/6/2019 for £950.00.

Calvert, Frederick (c.1785 – 1845)

Cork born marine and landscape artist.

Evening Calm” oil on canvas (9″ x 13″).

Campbell, Christopher (1908 – 1972)

Studied at the NCAD. Portrait painter.

Campbell, Con (1946)

Campbell, Con

Horse & Hounds” oil on canvas (20″ x 26″).

Campbell, John Henry (1755 – 1828) 

Killiney Bay  John H Campbell

Left to right: “View of Killiney Bay, Bray Head and the mountains of Co.Wicklow from the Hill of Dalkey” pencil and watercolour (8″ x 11″) sold at Christies, London – 19/5/2000 for £6,463.00.; and “Moonrise over a Lake” watercolour (10″ x 12″) dated 1791 sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 2/8/2016 for €240.00.

A View of Shanganagh Castle, with Killiney beyond” oil on canvas (19.5″ x 23.5″), sold at Adam’s (Townley Hall Sale, Drogheda) – 10/10/2017 for €10,000.

Devil’s Glen, County Wicklow” watercolour (17″ x 24.5″), sold at Fonsie Mealy’s – 20/11/2018 for €660.00.

Campbell, Paddy (1942)

Campion, Niall (1956)

Niall Campion

Boats at Kinsale” oil on canvas (28″ x 20″), unsold at Ross’s – 10/8/2016.

Hookers at the Claddagh, Galway” oil on canvas (23.5″ x 31.5″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 10/12/2018 for €600.00.

Canning, Michael (1971) 

Born in Limerick. After attending the Limerick School of Art and Design he studied in Greece at the School of Fine Arts in Athens and in 1999 received his Masters Degree in Fine Art from the National College of Art & Design.


The May” oil and wax on canvas (23″ x 19″). Wexford County Council Art Collection.

Caracciolo, Niccolo d’Ardia (1941 – 1989)

Iveagh Bequest Houses” oil on board (11.5″ x 7.5″), sold at Whyte’s – 1/10/2018 for €1,150.

Carey, John (1861 – 1943)


Bringing Home the Turf” watercolour (10″ x 7″), one of a pair unsold at Whyte’s – 25/5/2015.

1907-lawrence-pc-john-carey  john-carey-galway-girl

Left to right:An Irish Milk Maid” a 1907 Lawrence postcard.; and “A Galway Girl” unidentified publisher.

Carey, Joseph William RUA (1859 – 1937)

Joseph was the son of the Rev. J. W. Carey, a Moravian Minister at Kilwarlin Moravian Church, Kilwarlin, County Down. He trained as an illustrator with Marcus Ward & Co., publishers.


Killiney Bay” dated 1935, watercolour, sold at Whyte’s 13/6/2001 for €2,285 including buyer’s premium.

JW Carey

Donaghadee Harbour, Co.Down” (1921) sold at Whytes 21/5/2012 – €480.00.


Donegal” watercolour (11″ x 15″), sold at Gormley’s – 28/2/2017 for £220.00.


Cave Hill” dated 1918, watercolour drawing (14″ x 10″), sold at Ross’s – 13/3/2019 for £380.00.

Kilkeel River” watercolour drawing (7″ x 13″), sold at Ross’s – 11/10/2017 for £120.00.

Sailing off Blackhead, Belfast Lough” watercolour drawing (13″ x 39″), unsold at Ross’s – 8/11/2017.

Carlin, James (1906 – 2005)

James Carlin was born in Belfast where his father worked in the Harland & Wolff shipyards.

He attended the Belfast Municipal College, graduating in 1927, and began his career at the Campbell Stained Glass Studio in Belfast where he served as an apprentice and craftsman for seven years. He studied stained-glass painting and design and his work can be seen in a number of churches in Ireland. He collaborated in designing windows for the Guild Hall in Derry.

In the 1930s, Carlin emigrated to the United States and became an instructor at the New Jersey School of Fine & Industrial Art in 1946, and head of the department in 1958. His career at that school lasted 30 years.

James Carlin see listing

Ireland” (1985) watercolour.

Carlin, Michelle (1957)


Beach Games” oil on board (8″ x 24″)

Carr, Rosemary

Rosemary Carr was born in England but now lives and works in Connemara.

Mid Summer, Dogs Bay, Connemara” oil on panel (8.5″ x 11.5″), sold at Dolan’s (Connemara Sale) – August 2017 for €750.00.

Whooper Swans in the Rain, Derryclare Lough” oil on panel (8.5″ x 11.5″), sold at Dolan’s (Connemara Sale) – August 2017 for €320.00.

Carr, Tom ARHA HRUA ARWS (1909 – 1999)


Riverscape” watercolour, sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 9/5/2011 for €270.00.

In 1970 one of his paintings was reproduced on a postage stamp for the Ulster ’71 celebrations.

Tom Carr 2

Deer’s Meadow“.

Carroll, Caroline


Irish Cottages” oil on canvas (14″ x 18″), sold at Ross’s – 3/5/2017 for £40.00.

Carron, William ARHA (1930 – 2017)   


Left to right:Before Thunder (on the slipway)” acrylic on paper (27.5″ x 16.5″); and “The Circus” 2007, acrylic on board (7.5″ x 9.5″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 2/10/2018.

Carson, Josephine 

Dublin artist – active in the 1940’s?

Carson, Robert Taylor HRUA (1919 – 2008)

Carson  carson-robert-taylor

Left to right:The Red Shawl” oil on canvas (20″ x 16″) sold at Whyte’s – 25/4/2006 for €3,200.00; and “West of Ireland Pub” oil on board (16″ x 12″), sold at Whyte’s 13/6/2001 for €3,809 including buyer’s premium.


Hay Stacks, County Donegal” oil on canvas (16″ x 20″), sold at Whyte’s – 26/9/2016 for €1,400.00.

CARSON  carson

Left to right:Mulroy Bay, Co.Donegal” oil on canvas; and “The Purchase” (1991) oil on canvas sold at Whytes – 25/7/2016 for €750.00.

Carson, Robyn

Carver, Robert (1705 – 1791)

Born in Dublin into a Waterford family of artists, Robert Carver received his early art training from his father Richard Carver, a romantic landscape painter, before studying drawing and fine art painting under Robert West at the Dublin Society Schools.


Landscape, dated 1754, oil on linen (4′ x 5′ approx), part of the Limerick City Gallery of Art collection.

Casement, Leo



Left to right:Cheltenham Gold Cup Sizing John” acrylic on board (12″ x 10″), unsold at Ross’s – 3/5/2017; and “Dream Domain” acrylic on board (16″ x 12″), unsold at Ross’s 7/12/2016.

Over the Last” oil on canvas (16″ x 30″), sold at Ross’s – 9/8/2017 for £280.00.

Casey, Comhghall (1976) 


From Omagh in Co. Tyrone, Comhghall Casey has been working full time as an artist since graduating from art college in Belfast in 1998. Based in Dublin since 2000, his work focuses on creating meticulous and sparse still life studies as well as portraiture and life painting.

Bacon” dated 2005, oil on canvas (17″ x 14″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 21/1/2019 for €900.00.

Casey Lewis, Rena


Casey, Seamus

Limerick artist.

Cashin, Patrick (1965)

Quiet Seashore” oil on canvas (19.5″ x 23.5″), sold at Adam’s – 11/6/2006 for €1,500.

Cassidy, David


Self-taught Limerick artist who specialises in detailed portraiture using the airbrushing technique.

Portrait of the actor Richard Harris as “The Bull MacCabe” airbrushed acrylic on canvas (34″ x 26″), unsold at Cork Auction Rooms – 22/10/2017.

Cassidy, John (1860 – 1939)

John Cassidy was the son of a farmer and was born near Slane, County Meath. In 1880 he went to work in Dublin, where he also attended night classes in Art School. He gained a scholarship to study in Milan.

John Cassidy Drogheda

A Wooden House on Shop Street, Drogheda” dating from 1880 and in the collection of Drogheda’s Municipal Gallery – Highlanes Gallery.

Casson, Kay

College Green, Dublin” gouache (10.5″ x 14.5″), sold at Whyte’s (Christmas Sale 11/12/2017) for €95.00.

Castle, Barry (1935 – 2006)


Boy & Berry” oil on board, dated 1994 (16″ x 12″), sold at de Vere’s – 22/11/2016 for €2,000.00.

Catherwood, Adrienne

Adrienne Catherwood - CONNEMARA - Oil on Board - 18 x 22 inches

Connemara” oil on board (18″ x 22″) sold at Ross’s – 4/12/2015 for just £15.00!

Catterson-Smith, Robert (1853 – 1938)

Catterson-Smith, Stephen PRHA (1806 – 1872)


West of Ireland Landscape” dated 1885, oil on canvas (14.5″ x 24.5″).

Catterson-Smith Jnr., Stephen RHA (c.1851 – 1912)


On the banks of the Dodder, Co.Dublin” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″), sold at Whyte’s – 22/2/2005 for €5,800.

Caulfield Walshe, Judith


Posies & Posers” watercolour drawing (12″ x 18″), sold at Ross’s – 10/4/2013 for £50.00.

Canal Scene” watercolour (18″ x 22″), sold at de Vere’s – 18/7/2018 for €180.00.

Chambers, Declan

Declan studied Fine Art painting in the Limerick School of Art from 1990 – 1994.

Chambers, Lawrence (1958)

Lawrence was born in Lisburn, Co Antrim.  A self-taught artist he mainly paints in watercolour, pastel and mixed media. His subject matter is wide and varied, painting landscapes, townscapes, seascapes, and most recently wildlife.

  Chambers, Lawrence

Left to right:Robin on a Fence” pastel on paper (9″ x 6″), sold at Ross’s – 8/8/2018 for £80: and “Hillsborough Court House” watercolour drawing (11″ x 16″).

Phone & Post Box” watercolour drawing (7″ x 10″), sold at Ross’s – 4/12/2019 for £80.00.

Chamney, Catherine  (1894 – 1966)


Dromiskin church, Co.Louth” oil on board.

Chapman, Ruby (1941 – 2007)

Born in Duncannon, County Wexford the artist had a love for the sea, and lighthouses, and these feature in many of her paintings.

Rockabill Lighthouse” oil on canvas (15.5″ x 19.5″), sold at Mullen’s, Laurel Park – 18/2/2019 for €130.00.

Charde, Hugh C (1858 – 1946) 

Cork born artist.

Cork Coastal scene – signed watercolour, sold at Cork Auction Rooms – 2/7/2017 for €50.00.

Cheney, Beth


Towards the Mournes” watercolour drawing (10″ x 29″) sold at Ross’s – 30/4/2014 for £50.00.


Childs, Philip S

No Time Limit” oil on board (9″ x 11″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 30/4/2012 for €750.00.

Chrimes, Victor

NI artist.

Foreshore & Fishing Boats” watercolour drawing (11″ x 17″), sold at Ross’s – 24/6/2015 for £60.00.

Christie, Betty

Betty Christie graduated with First Class Honours from the Belfast College of Art and Design in 1975, followed by an Art Teachers’ Diploma in 1976.

Christoffersen, Flemming


Lashing the Mare” oil on canvas (18″ x 23″), sold at Adam’s – 16/12/2014 for €600.00.

Church, Rhonda (1964)

Roses with River Stream” oil on board (20″ x 16″),  sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 22/5/2017 for €180.00.

Cirefice, Piera


Piera Cireface is a gifted illustrator and I will shortly be adding her full biography and examples of her work here. In the meantime you may like to visit her Etsy shop where many of examples of her work are for sale: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PieraIllustrations

Cirefice, Vittorio (1949)


Vittorio Cireface was born in Anglesey, North Wales and now lives in County Down. He has painted professionally since graduating in 1974, having studied Fine Art at Manchester, Chelsea and at the Royal Academy Schools in London. A fine landscape oil painter in the traditional style his more abstract work, in particular of sporting scenes, is also of high quality.

Victor Cirefice  c2

Left to right:View across the Lough” (18″ x 24″) oil on canvas, and “A View to Rostrevor” (12″ x 16″) oil on canvas. Sold at Ross’s (Belfast) on 27/5/2015 for £100.00 and £160.00 respectively.

Clancy, Pat

Pat is a self-taught artist from Rathleale, Co.Limerick.

Clarke, Bríd (1941)


Brid was born in Sligo in and now lives in Malahide. Commencing painting in 1970, she studied at the Irish School of Landscape Painting, and at the National College (NCAD) course in life drawing and painting.

Clarke, Carey PPRHA (1936) 

Born in Co. Donegal,  Clarke studied at the National College of Art and Design, NCAD, Dublin (1954 – 1959). Following graduation he took a part-time teaching post at NCAD in 1959, was elected Associate Member of the RHA in 1967 and was appointed full time teacher of drawing and painting in NCAD in 1968.

Clarke was elected Member of the RHA in 1981 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in Department of Painting, Faculity of Fine Art, NCAD in 1985. He then served as President of the RHA from 1992 – 1996 and was elected Honorary Member of the Royal Academy, London in 1993 and elected Honorary Member of the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh in 1993. Clarke retired from teaching in NCAD in 1995 and continues to paint on a full time basis.

The artist has received many awards over his career, including Prize for Portrait Painting, National Art Competition, Royal Dublin Society in 1958, E.S.B Keating/McLaughlin Bursary for Art and Silver Medal, RHA Annual Exhibition, 1985 and 2000, Open Award, Arnott’s National Portrait Competition, Dublin in 1986, M. Kennedy & Sons Portrait Award, RHA Annual Exhibition in 1997, Citta di Firenze Bronze Medal for Career, 2nd Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte, Florence, 1999, and the Ireland-U.S Council Portrait Prize, RHA Annual Exhibition in 2008.

Ref: RHA.

A Summer’s Day, Wicklow (near Rathcoole)” oil on board (15″ x 19″) sold at Whyte’s – 10/10/2011 for €1,000.00.

West of Ireland Landscape” oil on canvas (12″ x 23″) sold at Whyte’s – 10/10/2011 for €850.00.

Clarke, Gerry

A self-taught landscape and portrait artist from Dundalk, County Louth who works in a wide variety of media.

Clarke, Margaret RHA (1888 – 1961)  


Portrait of the Artist Dermod O’Brien PRHA in his Studio” dated 1934, oil on canvas (49″ x 39″), sold at Adam’s – 27/3/2018 for €11,000.

Self Portrait, c.1914 oil on canvas (16″ x 12″), sold at Whyte’s – 26/11/2018 for €48,000.

Clarke, Michael Sgt.

1986 UNIFIL Lebanon – watercolour.

Clausen, Katharine Frances (1886 – 1936)

Cape Clear Harbour” watercolour and pencil (11″ x 15″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 6/11/2017 for €320.00.

Clawson, Hugh (1959)

Born in Belfast Hugh worked as an upholsterer for 18 years but maintained his interest in art and decided to make it more than a hobby becoming a full-time artist in 1999. He is completely self-taught and works in all mediums although his preference is three-dimensional images, he also sculptures in bronze.

The Spaniard” oil on board (5.5″ x 12″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 28/1/2019 for €140.00.

Belfast City Hall” mixed media on paper (10″ x 8″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 25/11/2019 for €100.00.

Clear, Ciaran (1920 – 2000)   


Moonlight Night, Connemara Coast” oil on board (13.5″ x 19.5″) sold at Whyte’s – 14/3/2011 for €2,600.


Left to right:Captain R.F. Scott’s Discovery” oil on board (14″ x 20″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 13/3/2017 for €650.00; and “Thatched Cottage, Rush” oil on board (24″ x 30″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 22/1/2018 for €750.00.

Seascape: The Undiscovered Island” mixed media on board (10″ x 13″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 10/12/2018 for €280.00.

Cleary, Teresa 

Dunmore East” oil on board (14″ x 18″), sold at Keighery’s, Waterford – 5/11/2018 for €45.00.

Clements, Mary Joy RUA  

Dream Images” mixed media (20″ x 24″), sold at Ross’s – 21/2/2018 for £50.

Able Seaman, Timothy” pastel on paper (16″ x 13″) unsold at Ross’s – 7/8/2019.

Clements, Neill

Enniskillen Court House” watercolour drawing (8″ x 11″).

Cloney, Eileen

Boats in the Harbour” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 2/10/2018 for €460.00.

Cobbe, Alec (1945)

Alec Cobbe is an Irish designer, artist, musical instrument collector and decorator.

Coburn, Ivor B ARUA (1934)

Ivor Coburn taught art at a Northern Ireland grammar school and is a member of the Watercolour Society of Ireland, a founder member of the Society of Botanical Artists and an associate of the Royal Ulster Academy.

Mourne Farm, Co.Down” oil on canvas (18″ x 24″), unsold at Ross’s – 3/5/2017.


Fishing Boats” oil on canvas (16″ x 22″).

Irish Mountain Landscape” oil on canvas (25″ x 29.5″), sold at Eastbourne Auctions (East Sussex) – 7/7/2017 for £80.00.

Cochrane, R T 


Dawn Fishermen, Rockport, Co.Antrim” oil on canvas (24″ x 20″) sold at Ross’s 3/2016 – £220.00.

Mount Errigal, Donegal” watercolour drawing (9″ x 13″), unsold at Ross’s – 23/5/2018.

Colbert, Emma


Coleman, Seamus


Open Season” dated 2015, oil on canvas (20″ x 23″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 23/1/2017 for €440.00.

Coleman, Simon RHA (1916 – 1995)


Village Square, Duleek, Co.Meath” oil on canvas board (24″ x 20″) sold at Adam’s – 26/3/2014 for €1,700.

Colhoun, Patric

Irish thatched cottage with Mournes in the distance” oil on canvas (18″ x 24″), sold at Ross’s – 8/8/2018 for £280.00.

Collie, George RHA (1904 – 1975)  


Grange Golf Club House” oil on board. Sold at James Adams 1/6/16 – €1,100.00


Ceann Cailín” oil on board (20″ x 15″), unsold at Adam’s – 28/9/2016.

Collier, Thomas Frederick (1823 – 1885) 

Flourished 1848-1860.


Figures in Landscape” watercolour (3″ x 7″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 23/1/2017 for €160.00.

Untitled still life with apples and grapes, dated 1870,  watercolour (10″ x 13.5″), sold at Dickins Auctions, Buckinghamshire – 8/12/2017 for £160.00.

Collins, Charles (c.1680 – 1744)

Born in Dublin, Collins was primarily a painter of animals and still life. He was one of the first still life artists in Britain of great quality, following the tradition of arranged breakfasts, still life or cabinets of curiosities, where items of high value and ostentation were painted.

Nine of his set of 12 oil paintings of British birds in landscape and garden settings, entitled ‘Icones avium cum nominibus anglicis‘ are in the collection of the National Trust at Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire.


Two of the set of nine British Birds paintings (dating from 1736) by Charles Collins held at Anglesey Abbey, The Fairhaven Collection (The National Trust) ©NTPL/John Hammond.

Collins, Kerry (1968)

Close Encounter” dated 2016, oil on canvas (39″ x 39″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 6/11/2017 for €900.00.

Collins, Michael (1954)


Collis, Peter RHA (1929 – 2012)  


Fruit and a Vase” oil on canvas (23″ x 23″), sold at Adam’s – 7/12/2016 for €2,800.

Greystones” oil on canvas (5.5″ x 6.5″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 2/10/2018 for €900.00.

Colomb, Wellington (1827 – 1895) 

Church by the Boyne” watercolour on paper (16″ x 22″), sold at Herman & Wilkinson – 28/9/2018 for €470.

View of Killarney with figures” watercolour (17″ x 24″), sold at Herman and Wilkinson – 6/12/2018 for €120.00.

Colvill, Helen  (1856 – 1953)


Ross Castle, Killarney” watercolour drawing (10″ x 14″), unsold at Ross’s – 25/11/2015.

Condron, Neil


Condy, Helen

Winter Landscape” watercolour drawing (7″ x 9″), sold at Ross’s – 18/5/2016 for £25.00.

Conn, William H (1895 – 1973) 

William H. Conn was an Irish cartoonist, illustrator, watercolourist and poster artist. The son of a lithographer, he was educated at the Ulster Provincial School, now Friends’ School, Lisburn. From 1936 he was a staff artist for the Belfast Telegraph.

On the way home with turf Watercolour W H Conn

On the way home with turf” watercolour. Sold at Ross’s 4/6/2008 – £450.00.

Ulster Tours poster W H Conn

Bringing Home the Turf” watercolour (14″ x 10″) sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 8/8/2017 for €280.00.

Belfast Pub” pen and ink cartoon.

Connolly, John

Connolly, Pat Joe (1954)

Castlefreke, West Cork” 2016, oil on canvas (12″ x 31″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 22/5/2017 for €300.00.

Longstrand, Winter Sunset” oil on canvas (19.5″ x 27.5″).

Connolly, Therese

Therese is a native of Galway city and started to paint in 2002.

Conor, William OBE RHA RUA ROI (1881 – 1968)

William Conor was a Belfast born artist. Celebrated for his warm and sympathetic portrayals of working-class life in Ulster, he studied at the Government School of Design in Belfast in the 1890s. From the Old Lodge Road area of north Belfast, the son of a wrought-iron worker, his artistic talents were recognized at the early age of ten when a teacher of music, Louis Mantell, noticed the merit of his chalk drawings and arranged for him to attend the College of Art. He initially worked as a commercial artist, before being commissioned during WW.I. by the British government to produce official records of soldiers and munitions workers. He moved to London in 1920 and there met and socialised with such artists as Sir John Lavery and Augustus John. He exhibited at the RA in 1921 and in Dublin at the RHA from 1918 to 1967, showing there nearly 200 works. Conor was one of the first Academicians when the Belfast Art Society became the Ulster Academy of Arts in 1930. He became an Associate RHA in 1938 and a full member in 1946. Exhibitions at the Victor Waddington Galleries were held in 1944 and 1948. In 1952 he was awarded the OBE and in 1957 he was elected President of the RUA – an office he held until 1964. More than 50 works of his in crayon and watercolour are in the permanent collections of the Ulster Museum.

conor-william  Conor Williiam

Left to right:The Balloon Man” oil painting from the book Irish Life and Landscape by J Crampton Walker; and  “After the Blitz, Belfast” oil crayon (17.5″ x 13.5″) unsold at Whyte’s 13/3/2001.

Queen’s Bridge, Belfast” watercolour (10.5″ x 15″), sold at Whyte’s – 2/10/2017 for €1,400.

The Tram Driver” watercolour drawing (9″ x 6″), unsold at Ross’s – 4/12/2019.

Conor 1881-1968: The Life & Work of an Ulster Artist” by Judith C Wilson, published by the Blackstaff Press in 1981.  With 160 pp including 84 b/w and four colour plates.

Connery, John (1956 – 2011)

Conroy, Marian

Conway, Bryan

Kerry Seascape” watercolour (14″ x 21″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 14/8/3017.

Conway, Eugene (1965) 


Cattle Grazing” oil on canvas (24″ x 28″), sold at Gormley’s – 13/9/2016 for £600.00.

Houses at Castlecomer” oil on canvas (16″ x 21.5″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 12/11/2018 for €3,400.

Cook, Charles Henry (c.1830 – 1906)  

Was born at Bandon, Co.Cork. He painted in Cork, portraits, scenes of Irish life and landscapes. In 1864 he exhibited two pictures in the Royal Hibernian Academy, “The Irish Match-maker,” and “Little Peggy.” In noticing his work the “Freeman’s Journal” expressed the opinion that he had great power and gave promise of a future. He again exhibited in 1865. After practising for some years in Cork, where he lived with his widowed mother in Sunday’s Well Avenue, he went to England. In 1870 he was in Bath and sent a picture to the Royal Hibernian Academy. Of his subsequent career, no details are known and he died at Scarborough about 1906.

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913.

Flute Player in a Tavern Charles Henry Cook MOD June Sale

Flute player in a Tavern” – Morgan O’Driscoll’s sale 27/6/2016 – details to follow…


Left to right:Flute Player” oil (18″ x 14″) offered for sale on eBay – May 2017 for £1,200.00; and “Irish Man Smoking a Pipe with Political Slogans” oil on canvas (16″ x 12″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 24/10/2016 for €1,500.


Left to right:An Irish Cailin seated by a Bank with Red Shawl” oil on canvas (19″ x 13″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 4/12/2017 for €1,800; and “At the Cottage Door” oil on canvas (36″ x 28″), sold at Whyte’s – 2/10/2017 for €4,800.


Left to right:A man smoking a pipe at a table” oil on canvas (17″ x 13″), unsold at Bellmans (Sussex) – 20/9/2018; and “Wash Day” dated 1874, oil on canvas (24″ x 20″), sold at Lacy Scott & Night, Bury St.Edmunds – 23/3/2019 for £1,350.

Cooke, Martin D (1951)

A talented artist dabbling in many different genres – landscapes, still life and latterly abstract.

crown-bar  cooke-still-life  cooke-martin-d

Left to right:The Crown Bar, Belfast” acrylic on board (6″ x 8.5″) sold at Ross’s – 26/2/2014 for £200.00; “Condiments” acrylic on board (7.5″ x 5″) sold at Ross’s – 5/6/2014 for £180.00; and “Abstract Yellow” acrylic on board ( 9″ x 14″), unsold at Ross’s – 5/10/2016.

Dusk across the Lough” watercolour drawing (5″ x 7″), sold at Ross’s – 3/5/2017 for £50.00.

Cooke-Collis, Sylvia (1900 – 1973)


Back of Village No.4.” gouache on board (14,5″ x 18″) sold at Whyte’s – 15/12/2007 for €1,050.


Left to right:Mullachreal, Co. Kerry” 1935, gouache (8.5″ x 13.5″); and “Dromrahan Farm” 1936, gouache (7.5″ x 12.5″), sold at Adam’s – 27/9/2017 for €320.00 and €650.00 respectively.

Brandon Bay” 1935, gouache (8″ x 12.5″), sold at Adam’s – 27/9/2017 for €520.00.

Cooley, Thomas ARHA (1795 – 1872)

Portrait of a Lady and a Gentleman, 1840” a pair of watercolours – each (23″ x 17″), sold at Whyte’s – 25/4/2006 for €1,500.

Cooney, John


John Cooney lives and works in Carrickfergus, Co.Antrim. He was born in Newry, Co. Down but has lived most of his life close to Belfast. He attended art college in Belfast and Manchester, achieving a first class honours degree in illustration.

While at college, John won first prize at the North West Artists exhibition sponsored by BP. After college he began exhibiting his paintings with Tom Caldwell Galleries and won awards at the Royal Ulster Academy (best painting as voted by the public and UTV award). Despite his success in painting, he began working in advertising which left no time for painting.

After further career moves in graphic design, he taught various art classes and began teaching in local primary schools. However, he has now given up teaching in order to devote himself entirely to painting. He paints in both oil and watercolours, depending on the subject and has no preference. He paints ordinary people in their environments and always tries to make the commonplace interesting.

John welcomes commission work and can be contacted through his website.

Winter Turf, Donegal” watercolour.

Left to right:Janine” watercolour (19″ x 15.5″); “The Shepherdess” watercolour (26.5″ x 18.5″); and “Sophie through the Looking Glass” oil on linen (25″ x 21″).

Left to right:Hugh McGuinness, Donegal” watercolour; and “John Cunningham, Ardara” watercolour (19.5″ x 13.5″).

All the latest news here: John-Cooney-Artist

Cooper, A M 

Supplied artwork to Valentine & Co., for postcards. No other information available so far.

The Twelve Pins, Connemara” – a Valentine postcard.

Cooper, Margaret

Old Shaws Bridge” watercolour drawing (7″ x 10″), unsold at Ross’s – 10/4/2019.

Cooper, William F


Rural Landscape” watercolour (6.7″ x 9.8″) sold at Sulis Fine Art.


Left to right:The Rosses, Co.Donegal” watercolour (12″ x 9″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 30/1/2017 for €60.00; and “The Old Bridge, Newcastle” dated 1938, watercolour drawing (9.5″ x 13″), unsold at Ross’s – 20/6/2018.

West of Ireland Landscape with Turf Stacks and Cottages” watercolour, sold with another similar at Sean Eacrett Auctions (Portlaoise) – 30/9/2017 for €90.00.

Copperwhite, Patrick (1935)


Children on a Connemara Beach” oil on canvas board, sold at Adams 3/9/2013 – €540.00.

Coppola, Denise

Former Chairperson of Limerick Art Society & Member of Market Artists. Paints flowers, landscapes, figurative in oil/watercolour.

Corcoran, George

Member of the Dublin Painting & Sketching Club.

Corkery, John (1967)

Cork artist.

Corley, Philip A (1944)

Dublin born artist now living and working in the USA. He studied at the National College of Art and was tutored by Sean Keating, Maurice McGonigal, and John Kelly. At 15 years of age he was the youngest artist ever to exhibit at the Royal Hibernian Academy.

Corrigan, Anna

Corroue, Kevin (1950)

Born in County Wexford. I currently spend my time painting between Edinburgh and the Hook Peninsula in Wexford. I have a passion for the Boats and Harbours of Scotland and Ireland and like to paint freely without too much planning in an effort to recapture the mood and impressions of my long lost youth.

Dunmore East” oil on canvas (12″ x 16″).

Costelloe, Eamonn (fl.1950s)

Dublin painter and commercial designer.

Studied at the NCAD. Later operated as the Leinster Studios from a premises at 11 South Leinster Street where he also lived.

A talented commercial artist who produced material for CIE and the Ulster Transport Authority amongst others.

low res train

Travel Luxuriously by CIE” an early 1950s handbill.

County Down -Newcastle and the Mourne Mountains in the distance – from a 1956 pocket calendar published by the Ulster Transport Authority.

CIE poster…

Diesel Train by Belfast Lough, Carrickfergus Castle in distance” – art in miniature – just 2.5″ x 3.5″ – but the only way to acquire this painting. This image is taken from a laminated Ulster Transport Authority 1957 pocket calendar – extremely rare and good value for the £11.15 that I recently paid for it on eBay.

Cotter, Patsy

Galway artist.

Coughlan, Brian (1903 – 1978) fl.1950-1960  

The Clock Gate, Youghal” c.1952, etching (11.5″ x 9.5″) from the Crawford Art Gallery collection.

Coulter, Sam (1925)  

Samuel Coulter was born in Kilnock, Co. Antrim and studied Art and Design in Ballymena College with W.G. Grieves (German Senior Art Master) from 1941-1945.

Group Exhibitions: 1977-1981 – Ottawa, Montreal, Rawdon, Stittsville. He returned to Ireland in 1981, where he continues to be influenced by the unique light in Connemara, where he paints regularly.


Hill Farm, Cushendun” oil on canvas (8″ x 10″) sold at Gormley’s, Belfast – 2/8/2016 for £100.00.

A Connemara Cottage” oil on canvas (7.5″ x 11.5″).

Donegal Cottage” oil on board (16″ x 24″), sold at Ross’s – 9/10/2019 for £120.00.

Coulter, William Alexander (1849 – 1936)

William Coulter was born in Glenariff, on the north-east Antrim coast where his father was a captain in the Coastguard. At the tender age of 13, he was apprenticed to a merchant ship. He spent the next seven years at sea during which time he had ample opportunity to learn and sketch every detail of the ships on which he worked. On arriving in San Francisco in 1869 he decided to remain there.

By 1874 he was regularly exhibiting with the San Francisco Art Association and was a prolific painter until his death in 1936.  By far his most famous work is the evacuation of San Francisco following the Earthquake and Fire of the 18th April 1906. More than 3,000 people died in the disaster and 80% of the City was destroyed in the fire that ensued after the earthquake.

The Evacuation of San Francisco viewed from Sausalito – a giant (5ft x 10ft) painting done on a window blind from a burnt-down building.

Coulter-Cruttenden, Dawn (1972) 


Dawn Cruttenden was born in Northern Ireland. She graduated from art college in Belfast and from the School of Art in Newcastle upon Tyne before moving into advertising as a copywriter in London. She is now a full-time artist splitting her time between London and Donegal.

Cowley, Elaine

Cowley, Pat

Cowley, Pat

Loughanure, Near Crolley, Co. Donegal” dated 1989 (16″ x 24″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s 8/8/2016 for €300.00.

Salmon Fishing, Lord Mayo’s Pool, County Donegal” oil on canvas (14″ x 18″), sold at Dolan’s (Connemara Sale) – August 2017 for €450.00.

Cox, James J

James J Cox James Joyce and Nora Barnacle boating on the River Seine oil on board dated 1985

James Joyce and Nora Barnacle boating on the River Seine” oil on board, dated 1985.

Coyle, John RHA (1928 – 2017)


Church near Avoca” oil on canvas board (11″ x 15″), sold at Adams – 16/12/2014 for €520.00.

Conservatory” oil on board (20″ x 29″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 26/6/2017 for €440.00.

Coyne, David (1979)

Dublin born David Coyne is a full-time artist, and studied film and photography at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art & Design. He is a self-taught painter with oils his chosen medium and all his work is done using a palette knife.

Howth Head” acrylic on camvas (23.5″ x 31.5″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 25/11/2019 for €480.00.

Coyne, Rod (1967)


Craig, Henry Robertson RHA RUA (1916 – 1984) 

Born in Scotland of Scottish-Irish parentage.

HR CRAIG 3  Sandymount HR CRAIG

Left to right:Morning Gallops, The Curragh, Ireland” oil on canvas (37″ x 47″) Sold by Doyle (New York) 10/11/2010 – $9,375.00 – incl.buyer’s premium; and “Sandymount Strand” oil on board (10″ x 13″) sold at Adams – 28/5/2014 for €2,500.00.

Craig, James Humbert RHA RUA (1877 – 1944)  


Mending nets near Cushendun” oil on canvas (30″ x 54″), sold at Ross’s – 9/3/2016 for £19,000.

A less expensive way to savour the artist’s work.

James Humbert Craig, RHA: The Natural Talents of J. H.Craig “The People’s Artist” by George A. Connell.

Published by The Arches Art Gallery, (Belfast) 1988.

Hardback, 133 pages with numerous colour reproductions of the artist’s work as well as b/w biographical illustrations/photographs. Still available but scarce!

Cottages at Dungloe, Co.Donegal” signed print (16″ x 22″), sold at Gormley’s – 13/11/2018 for £180.00.

Craig, William (1829 – 1875)

Lough View” watercolour (10″ x 14.5″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 9/5/2011 for €300.00.

Crampton, Sir John Fiennes Twiselton (1805 – 1886) 

Lough Bray, Co.Wicklow” c.1830, watercolour (4″ x 5.5″), sold at Adams/Bonhams sale – 10/6/2009 for €1,000.

Luggelaw” watercolour (6″ x 9″), sold at Mealy’s – 10/10/2018 for €220.00.

Crampton, Selina (1806 – 1876)

Crampton Gore, William RHA (1871 – 1946)  


Achill Island, looking towards Blacksod Bay” oil on canvas (19.5″ x 25″), sold at Adams – 6/12/2010 for €4,000.


Still Life, oil on canvas (11.5″ x 15.5″), sold at Whyte’s – 10/10/2000 for €3,174 incl.buyer’s premium.

Achill, dull day” 1913, oil on board (10″ x 13″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 12/11/2018 for €1,000.

Cranley, Robert


A Bray artist, author and musician.


Seafront, Bray – 1950s“.

Crealock, John Mansfield (1871 – 1959)  

Dublin born artist.

The Yellow Sofa” oil on canvas (60″ x 47″), sold at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury  Auctions, Berkshire, England  – 28/11/2017 for £7,500.

Creaney, Catherine


Cregan, Martin PRHA (1788  -1870)

A noted portrait painter Martin Cregan was one of the founders of the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1823.

Left to right: A portrait of Arthur Guinness II, oil on canvas (36″ x 27.5″), sold at Adams – 13/10/2015 for €32,000; and A portrait of George Thompson of Dublin, dated 1827, oil on canvas (36″ x 28″), sold at Sheppard’s – 25/9/2018 for €3,000.

Croft, Richard PPRUA (1935)  


Left to right:Bluebells in a Menorcan Jug” oil on canvas (16″ x 12″), sold at Ross’s – 9/8/2017 for £300.00: and “Newcastle” artist’s proof coloured linocut (16″ x 12″), sold at Ross’s – 6/12/2017 for £240.00.

Over Kilkeel” limited edition coloured linocut – 5/20 – (12″ x 17″), sold at Ross’s – 6/12/2017 for £140.00.

Cronin, Laura (1971)


Left to right:Parisian Street Scene” oil on board (12.5″ x 7.5″), sold at Whyte’s – 17/7/2017 for €680.00; and “Grafton Street, Dublin” oil on canvas (30″ x 40″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 18/11/2019 for €1,400.

Crosby, Terence 

Terence Crosby is a self taught artist living and working in Northern Ireland. His work is varied in subject matter; ranging from landscapes and seascapes to still-life and portraits.

Cross, Brian (1953 – 2015) 

Renowned artist and gardener, Brian Cross studied art in The Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork, as well as The National Gallery, Dublin, and was a student of the famous artist, Kenneth Webb.

Maylor Street, Cork” oil on canvas (16″ x 40″), sold at Hegarty’s, Bandon – 27/1/2019 for €180.00.

Crotty, Vincent

Vincent Crotty is an Irish-born artist who has been living in Boston since 1990.


Crowe, Dee 



Gone for a Pint” oil on canvas (9.5″ x 7.5″), sold at Whyte’s – 26/6/2000 for €216.00.

Crowe, G 

Newcastle in Winter” dated 1985, watercolour (19.5″ x 28″), unsold at Adam’s – 8/10/2018.

Crowley, Nicholas Joseph RHA (1819 – 1857) 

Fortune Telling by Cup Tossing” oil on canvas (28″ x 36″), sold at Sotheby’s (London) – 11/9/2018 for £18,000. – Some additional details: Purchased by the Royal Irish Art Union, 1842, and won as a prize by Mr and Mrs R. Grubb, Cahir Abbey, Co.Tipperary.

Crowley, Ronan


Ronan Crowley is a self taught artist living in West Limerick, Ireland. He works mainly in ink, watercolour and acrylic. His work could be be described as surreal, although he also does landscapes and portraits of animals and nature.


Left to right:Brightness falls from the Air!” acrylic on canvas board (24″ x 18″); “Death” soft pastel on card (25″ x 17.5″); and “Shadow Chains” gouache on card (25″ x 17.5″).

Crowley-Long, Jacinta 


Sentry at Urglin Glebe Church, Co.Carlow” oil on board (19.5″ x 17.5″), sold at Ashgrove Auctions – 27/4/2019 for €190.00.

Crowley O’Hare, Carole (1957 – 2010)


Crozier, Kathleen E A (1895 – 1985)

Exhibited with the Belfast Art Society in the 1920s, and at the Ulster Academy of Arts during the 1930s and ’40s. She also contributed to the RHA 1943-1947, and participated in ‘Belfast Commentary’ at the Belfast Museum and Art Gallery in 1945 and the 1946 Oireachtas Art Exhibition. Source: www.whytes.ie


Strangford Lough” oil. Offered for sale at Hamilton Osborne King Fine Art, Blackrock, Co.Dublin – 28/5/2001.

Cryan, Clare (1936)

Clare Cryan was born in Dublin. and studied painting at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin and the Belfast College of Art.  She is an Irish watercolour artist and teacher, who focuses on Landscape and Still life painting.


The Lighthouse, Donaghadee” oil on canvas (16″ x 24″), sold at Ross’s – 9/11/2016 for £80.00.


Left to right:Mary Claire at Rest” watercolour (14″ x 21″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 15/5/2017 for €400.00; and “Afternoon, Sandymount” dated 1998, watercolour (10″ x 14″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 19/3/2019 for €160.00.

Haymaking, West of Ireland” dated 1978, oil on canvas (15″ x 30″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 23/9/2019 for €650.00.

Cudworth, Jack (1930 – 2010)

cudworth-jack  cudworth-jack

Left to right: Man on Street” oil on board (20″ x 24″) sold at Gormley’s – 28/2/2017 for £950.00; and “The Barn” oil on board (12″ x 14″) sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 9/5/2011 for €620.00.

Cullen, Stephen (1959)

Stephen Cullen was born in Dublin and has been exhibiting professionally since 1982.

Killiney” oil on canvas board (14″ x 18″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 20/1/2020 for €650.00.

Cullen, Tom (1934 – 2001)  

Tom Cullen was born in Donnybrook, Dublin and was educated in Synge Street Christian Brothers School.

Cullen, Tom  cullen-tom  

Left to right:Landscape” oil on canvas (13″ x 19″); “Cole’s Lane, Dublin” oil on canvas (19″ x 13″), sold at Mealy’s – 6/12/2016 for €275.00; and “Brazen Head” oil on board (11″ x 8″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 19/6/2017 for €280.00.


Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin” dated 1980, oil on canvas (21″ x 33″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 6/3/2017 for €1,400.

Bridge at Glenbeigh, Co.Kerry” oil on canvas (11.5″ x 27.5″), sold at Herman & Wilkinson – 28/9/2018 for €200.

Cullinan, Cormac

Donkeys at Lough Meelagh” watercolour drawing (15″ x 19.5″), unsold at Ross’s – 13/2/2019.

Cunningham, Grace (1972)  

More Treats Please” oil on canvas (23″ x 17″), sold at Adam’s – 2/12/2015 for €1,800.

Cunningham, Paul


Fairhead” oil on board (13″ x 27″). Unsold at Ross’s 10/8/2016.

Cunningham, William (1946)

Cunningham, William  Cunningham, William

Left to right:Poppies in Corn, Connemara” oil on board (16″ x 16″); and “Hillsborough Lake” oil on board (7″ x 14″).


Stroll on Waterfoot Beach” oil on board (8.5″ x 17″), unsold at Ross’s 7/12/2016.

Elephant’s Rock, Ballintoy, Co.Antrim” oil on board (14″ x 14″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 12/8/2019 for €480.00.

Cunningham-Bell, Sara


Northern Irish sculptor and painter.

The Moat, Donaghadee” 1988,  pen and ink drawing (25″ x 15″), sold at Ross’s – 8/8/2018 for £20.

Curé, Róisín


Curling, Peter (1955)

The Gallop and Salmon Leap” dated 1983, watercolour (13.5″ x 20″).

Curling, Peter

Cattle at T.J’s” oil on board (11″ x 18″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 12/9/2016 for €1,600.

Curran, Mary

Curran, Oliver (1949) 

A self-taught artist from Newry, County Down.

Spirits of Achill” oil on canvas, sold at Bloomfield Auctions (Belfast) – 4/12/2018 for £40.00.

Curran, Paddy 

Belfast graphic artist.

The Water Pump, Donegal” mixed media (14″ x 12″), sold at Ross’s – 13/3/2019 for £50.00.

Curran, Padraig  

Rocks on the Antrim Coast” oil on board (15″ x 19″), sold at Ross’s – 10/10/2018 for £90.00.

Lough Corrib, Galway” oil on board (14″ x 17″), sold at Ross’s – 8/8/2018 for £40.00.



An iconic 1950s poster  in ‘CIE Art Deco‘ style. There’s so little information out there about minor artists that I haven’t even been able to establish Curran’s first name  – anybody?


Three further attractive posters by Curran, The first features the iconic CIE/Leyland Royal Tiger touring coach introduced in 1953. Fifty were eventual built and each carried the name of an Irish river. At the time they represented the epitome of luxury coach travel. The centre poster seems to aimed at the US market and is a return to the Art Deco style, while the final one is is a more traditional image and seems to aimed at the domestic holidaymaker.

Bus Brochure

Another one – this time from a 1955 CIE coach tour programme.

Currey, Fanny (1848 – 1917)

Meandering Stream” watercolour (12″ x 20″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 4/12/2017 for €1,700.

Curtin, Maureen (1885 – 1967)

Dublin artist who exhibited at the RHA in the 1940’s.

The Fourcourts” dated 1969, oil on canvas (12″ x 28″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s (RDS Sale) – 2/12/2013.

Rooftops” oil on canvas (17.5″ x 13.5″), sold at de Vere’s – 9/10/2012 for €320.00.