Unidentified Artists

Here I will be posting Irish paintings by artists that I have been unable to find anything about – even their nationality – and they will be moved to the relevant pages if and when information comes to light.  In alphabetical order as always.

Page updated 15/1/2020

Ames, Lt.Colonel Gerard Vivian (1852 – 1899)

A pretty watercolour of Bray beach dated June 1881 (6.5″ x 9.5″) – attributed to Gerard Vivian Ames.

Bray Head – also painted in June 1881. Both offered on eBay – April 2019.

Cooley, S

Ardmillan, Co.Down” watercolour bearing the label of John Small, Picture Frame Maker, 30 Bridge End, Belfast. Offered on eBay – October 2019.

Grout, W E

Head of Devil’s Glen, Co.Wicklow, Ireland” gouache (14″ x 10″), sold at Ewbank’s, Surrey – 22/6/2018 for £55.00.

There are a small number of Grouts listed in the 1901 and 1911 censuses but none with the relevant initials.


Stranded Vessels, Bray” dated 25/12/1877, watercolour (19″ x 27″), sold at Rowley’s, Cambridgeshire – 7/9/2019 for £240.00.

From Killiney Hill looking towards Bray” oil on canvas (12″ x 16″), sold at Maynards (Vancouver) – 6/12/2018 for approx. £14,000.  Judging by the lack of housing development this is a 19th century view.

Jackson, Gordon

Rather nice artwork on this 1938 guide from Thomas Cook & Son Ltd.

A brief internet search has turned up nothing but I feel certain that I will in due course as the work is high quality.

Saunders, Andy

Predominantly a wildlife painter – possibly Northern Irish, but I haven’t been able to track him down yet.

Seamus Heaney aged Fourteen” pencil drawing (11″ x 8″), unsold at Ross’s – 6/11/2019.

Stuart, B F


I haven’t been able to turn up anything about the artist save for these three Rathlin Island postcards published by Baird & Co., Belfast circa 1905.


Newcastle, Co.Down” oil on canvas (12″ x 20″), sold at Gormley’s – 3/12/2019 for £90.00.