This page is for miscellaneous artists from outside the British Isles who have painted Irish subjects or have briefly lived here and been active.

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Page updated 1/6/2017

Balcerzak, Wilhelm (1941)

d’Alesi, Hugo (1849-1906)

A French artist who produced artwork for several Irish railway companies.

Lot 113 GSWR poster MGWR_Poster_by_Alesi

MGWR_Poster_by_AlesiLot 113 GSWR poster

Delrenne, Edmond (fl.1916)


Heritage_Delrenne_2t  Delrenne Nat Gallery

A witness to the Easter Rising, Delrenne painted a number of scenes which captured the appalling destruction that befell the City Centre. Images from Irish Arts Review

Helmick, Howard (1845-1907) – American


Mending the Nets” – 1886 – oil on canvas (21″ x 30″). In the collection of the Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum, Hamden, Connecticut, USA.

Henri, Robert (1865-1929) – American

Joy, Margherita 

Margherita Joy is the pseudonym used by Dublin based Italian artist Margherita La Gioia.

Pilgrimage to Glendalough” acrylic on canvas (24″ x 26″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 13/3/2017 for €360.00.

Kauffer, Edward McKnight (1890-1954)

A prolific and influential American-born graphic designer.

American Airlines to Ireland - 1948 - (Edward McKnight Kauffer)  McKnight Fly POSTER

Two of his posters dating from 1949 and 1953 respectively.

Melai, August “Guus” (1923-2000)

Dutch graphic designer who came to Ireland to work on the Aer Lingus account for the Sun Advertising Agency in Dublin. His bold new designs did not please the Arts Council and they complained to Aer Lingus.


Above: New look Aer Lingus poster from 1956.


Other companies including CIE, the State Transport Company, were quick to enlist the services of Guus Melai.

Mintz, Raymond (1925-2008)

An American born artist of German extraction who moved to Ireland in 1969.


Circus Scene” dated 1990, oil on board (17″ x 19.5″), sold at Adam’s – 12/6/2016 for €950.00.

Plantureux, Renee

Smits, Joop (1938-2014)

Born in Eindhoven, Holland and graduated from the Eindhoven Academy in 1961. In 1992 he moved to Ireland where he built a studio in County Kerry and completed many works inspired by the Irish landscape. In 2008 he relocated to Mallorca.

Foxgloves by a River” oil on panel (6.5″ x 9″), sold at Mealy’s – 7/12/2016 for €400.00.

Kenmare Bay Light” oil on panel (7″ x 9.5″), sold at Mealy’s – 7/12/2016 for €450.00.


I can’t pin this artist down – any help would be welcome.


Ashford Castle, Cong, Co.Mayo.

Treidler, Adolph (1886–1981)

An American born artist who was one of the most influential illustrators and poster designers of the twentieth century.

Van Kampen, Marja

Dutch born artist. She is a full-time painter and printmaker, receiving her degrees for Painting, Printmaking and Art History from the Akademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Arnhem, The Netherlands, in 1972.

Tea in the Summerhouse” 2008, acrylic on canvas (39” x 39”) – Institute of Technology Collection, Tralee, Co.Kerry.

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Van Stockum, Hilda Gerarda HRHA (1908-2006)

Dutch born artist.

van-stockum-hilda-gerarda-adams  hilda-van-stockum-hrha

Left to right:Still Life with Pottery & Pears” oil on canvas (16″ x 15″), sold at Adam’s 28/9/2016 for €1,000; and “Paris Garden” oil on canvas (24″ x 18″).

Whitmore, Olive 

American born equestrian artist and illustrator. She supplied artwork to Scholastic Productions (Belfast) for their art postcards, but is probably best known in Ireland for her iconic RDS Horse Show posters.