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Ingham, Charles Cromwell (1796/97 – 1863)

Charles Cromwell Ingham was an Irish portrait painter and later a founder of the New York National Academy of Design.

The Flower Girl

The Flower Girl” (1846) oil on canvas.

“The Flower Girl” is a highly unusual subject for Ingham, an artist who rarely strayed from portraiture. He may have painted it as a speculative work, or on commission from Jonathan Sturges, who owned the work by the time it appeared on exhibition in the spring of 1847 at the National Academy of Design. Images of street vendors were popular in American and European painting at the time, but more often the subjects were enterprising boys rather than girls. Ingham may well have been familiar with a popular image of the same title by the Spanish painter Esteban Murillo. The setting for Murillo’s picture is virtually identical to Ingham’s and the Spanish flower girl offers her wares with a direct appeal to her viewer, as does Ingham’s American girl. Under her left arm, Ingham’s girl carries a magnificent bouquet of flowers that he must have painted from life, but were beyond compare not only in contemporary still life painting but also on the streets of New York. In her right hand, she offers a potted fuchsia, the gesture emblematic of the goddess Flora. The plant itself is symbolic of frustrated love. http://www.metmuseum.org/

Inman, Roland A D

Dublin 1916” oil on canvas (20″ x 16″), sold for £160.00.

Irvine, Duncan


Bangor Marina” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″), unsold at Ross’s – 5/10/2016.

Irvine, Honor (d.2013)

Northern Irish artist.

Snow above Carnlough” watercolour drawing (6″ x 10″).

Irwin, Kieran

Limerick artist.

Irwin, Tom W

The Tweleve Pins, Connemara

The Twelve Pins, Connemara” watercolour drawing (6″ x 10″) sold at Ross’s – 2/7/2015 for £10.00.

Dunluce Castle, County Antrim” watercolour drawing (6″ x 11″), sold at Ross’s – 8/8/2018 for £10.

Iten, Hans RUA (1874 – 1930)

The landscape artist and flower painter Hans Iten was born in Zurich and studied painting and drawing at the School of Art, St Gall, Switzerland. He worked for a few years in Paris before taking up a post as a damask designer with McCrum, Watson, and Mercer Ltd. linen manufacturers in Belfast, the city which became his home until his death.

Trees by Water Hans Iten

Trees by Water” oil on board, sold at Whyte’s – 28/9/2015 for €900.00. Thought to be Belvoir Park, Belfast according to Whyte’s.


Left to right:Bluebell Woods” oil on board (6″ x 8″), unsold at Dolan’s (Connemara Sale) – August 2017; and “Flowers in Belvoir Park, Belfast” oil on board (14″ x 10″), sold on eBay – 10/3/2019 for £775.00.

Ivory, Anne

Bray artist.