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Hackett, Pierce (1936)


Hadden, Jean

Jean’s early training consisted of a five year apprenticeship in dress design, textiles and construction, an interest in painting lead to a B.A, degree in Art History, Music & Social Science also a ‘Painting Two’ certificate with the Open College of the Arts. Jean specializes in capturing areas of local beauty, places that are special to her or to those that commission her paintings. Her work may be found in collections in South Africa, Australia and Canada.

Hagen, Willem Van der (d.1740)

Willem (or William) Van der Hagen was a Dutch painter who settled in Ireland in the early 1720s, where he subsequently painted many works of art. He was also active in Europe and England prior to this. He is regarded by many as the founder of the Irish school of landscape painting.

Waterford by Van der Hagen

A View of Waterford“( c.1736) which was commissioned by Waterford Corporation for the sum of £20 . It may be viewed today at the Waterford Museum of Treasures

Haggan, John S

0162 recess co galway(1)  Haggan, John S

Left to right:Recess, Co.Galway” oil (16″ x 12″). £550 – available here: Irish Fine Art  and “Lough Barra, Donegal” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″).

If, like me, you’re on a tight budget the above book – ‘Cookstown: From Lough Neagh to the Sperrins‘ – may be of interest. It contains 31 paintings by the artist and is available from the publishers here: www.cottage-publications.com

Hall, Barbara (1966)



West Cork Reflection” oil on canvas (8″ x 20″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 3/10/2016 for €260.00.

Moonlight Sails” oil on canvas (12″ x 32″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 25/9/2017 for €900.00.

Hall, Kenneth (1913-1946)

Halligan, Jim (1960)


View of Dublin Bay” oil on canvas (14″ x 18″), sold at Joe Mullen Associates – 13/2/2017 for €300.00.


Halpin, Fran 


Fran specialises in mural painting.

Halpin, Jim

Limerick born thatcher and artist.


Pollock Holes, Kilkee and St.George’s Head” oil on canvas (16″ x 20″), a pair sold at Dolan’s (Limerick Sale) – 2/10/2011 for €500.00.

Hamilton, Eva Henrietta (1876-1960)

Haymaking” oil on canvas (14″ x 18″), sold at Adam’s – 22/11/2017 for €2,400.


Malahide Estuary” oil painting from the book Irish Life and Landscape by J Crampton Walker.

Hamilton, Hugh Douglas (c.1740-1808)


Portrait of a Gentleman in red coat – pastel on tinted paper (9.5″ x 8″) – one of a pair – sold at Whyte’s – 9/10/2001 for €2,920 including buyer’s premium.

Double Portrait of Mary, Countess of Erne, with her daughter Lady Caroline Crichton” oil on canvas (67″ x 51½”), sold at Christie’s (London) – 14/5/2004 for £542,850.00. The highest price paid for a work by the artist.

Hamilton, Ken (1956)


Girl With a Necklace” oil on board (11.5″ x 8.5″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 18/2/2013 for €1,900.

Hamilton, Letitia Marion RHA (1878 – 1964)


Spring on the River Slaney” oil on canvas (20″ x 24″), sold at de Vere’s – 22/11/2016 for €3,700.00.

Hamilton, Lorna (1973)


Wildlife & Portrait Artist.

Hanan, George R (-2009)

Irish railway modeller and artist.

Hanan, G. R., active 20th C; 'Alice' (Red Tank Locomotive)

Co.Donegal Railways 2-6-4T Alice in the Barnesmore Gap“. Picture: Ulster Folk & Transport Museum.

Marble Hill, Donegal” oil on board (10″ x 12″), sold at Ross’s – 3/12/2014 for £90.

Hanford, Ernest


At Dunadry” watercolour drawing (6″ x 14″), unsold at Ross’s – 27/1/2016.

Hanley, James RHA (1965)

James Hanley is a Dublin-based portrait artist. He has painted many official and state portraits, he is represented in significant public, corporate and private collections in Ireland and abroad.


Hanley, Shelia


Orignally from Adare, Co.Limerick Shelia now lives and works in Sandycove, Co.Dublin.

Sunset” watercolour (15″ x 21″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 14/8/2017.

Hanlon, Father Jack P (1913-1968) 

Cottage in Summer” watercolour (13″ x 19.5″), sold at Whyte’s – 17/7/2017 for €480.00.

Hannigan, Janet

The Hunt” oil on canvas (23″ x 36″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 6/11/2017 for €300.00.

Hannon, Marie

Bray based artist.

Hanrahan, Michael (1951)



Roundstone, Connemara” oil on board (16″ x 23″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 23/1/2017 for €550.00.

Winter Landscape” 1970, oil on board (16″ x 22.5″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 28/5/2018.

Hanscomb, Guy (1968)

Guy Hanscomb was born in London in 1968 and studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art and Chelsea School of Art, London. Hanscomb lived for a period of four years in Glenn na Smol in the Dublin mountains before eventually basing himself in Donegal. He now divides his time between the United Kingdom, Ireland and France, where he paints the surrounding landscape.


Reservoir from Glassamucky Brakes” oil on canvas (24″ x 24″). Sold at Adams – 23/3/2016 for €1,100.00.

Hanson, Holly

“The Ha’Penny Bridge, Dublin” acrylic on board (20″ x 23″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 26/6/2017 for €420.00.

Hanson, Holly

Saturday, Donegall Place, Belfast” oil on board (20″ x 24″), sold at Ross’s – 7/9/2016 for £380.00.

Harbison, Eleanor (1922-2007)


Old Bank of Ireland, Wexford” dated 1962, watercolour – Wexford Co.Council Art Collection.

Harbonton, John

Harcus, Robert


Homestead, Mayo” oil on canvas board (10″ x 14″).


Harding, Edward J (1804-1870)

Born in Cork. A Portrait painter.


A family portrait of a gentleman, his wife and their child sitting on a donkey, in a landscape” (1839) pencil and watercolour. Sold at Christies, London,  19/5/2000 – £3,055.00.

Harding, Pauline

Petra” watercolour drawing (13″ x 18″).

Harding Kemp, Eadaoin

Born in Dublin and living in Cork since 1962 Eadaoin studied Art and Design with painting, drawing and etching at the Crawford Municipal School of Art.

Deora ” oil on gesso board (12″ x 12″).

Harding-Miller, Niamh


Hardy, Mary Kate

“Mary-Kate is a Professional Fine Art Painter who graduated from the National College of Art & Design in 2014. Specialising in palette knife portraiture she aims to capture the essence of individual identity while focusing on themes of abandonment, departure and loss.”

La Touche

Memories of the La Touche Hotel” acrylic on canvas (17.5″ x 23.5″) – €600.00.

Stylebawn Hse  Portrait 2

Left to right:Stlylebawn House” acrylic on canvas  (39.5″ x 39.5″) – €1,200.00.  And “Portrait Two” acrylic on canvas (17.5″ x 23.5″) – SOLD.

More information here: Mary Kate Hardy Fine Art

Hare, George St. (1857 – 1933) 

George St. Hare was the son of Ella and George Frederick Hare, a Methodist family who once lived in Limerick city. His father was a dental surgeon from Ipswich and his mother was from County Wexford. In the early 1870’s he trained at the Limerick School of Art under Nicholas A. Brophy. In 1875, he was awarded a scholarship to the National Art Training School, South Kensington (later the Royal College of Art), London. He specialised in portrait and nude painting. He died in 1933 in London.

Hargy, Frank

Late Northern Irish artist.


O’Hara’s Castle, Portstewart, Londonderry, Northern Ireland” watercolour, dated 1933 (6.5″ x 14″).

Hargy, Frank

Lough Veagh, Donegal” oil on canvas (18″ x 24″).

Harkness, Derek


Scrabo” oil on canvas (16″ x 20″) sold at Ross’s – 24/6/2015 for just £20.00.

Harrington, Cora


Malone House Garden” oil on board (6″ x 9″), unsold at Ross’s – 9/8/2017.

Harris, Gordon

Born in Cork and now living in Galway, Gordon Harris is a self-taught artist.

The Buskers

The Buskers” oil on canvas (38″ x 28″) sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 2/8/2016 for €1,000.00.


Harrison, Sarah Cecilia (1863-1941)

Portrait Artist.

Blayney R.J. Balfour and Madeline, his Wife, of Townley Hall, Drogheda” dated 1910, oil on canvas (35¾ x 28¾”), sold at Adam’s – 31/5/2017 for €9,500.

Hartigan, Barbara

Limerick portrait artist.

Putting Names on Faces: Confessions of a Portrait Painting Stalker” by Barbara Hartigan, self-published in 2016 by the artist and her family. Paperback with 202 pages.

Hartigan, Zita (1932)

Equine artist and sculptor.


Bay hunter in a landscape” dated 1964, oil on canvas (26″ x 30″), sold at Woolley & Wallis – 7/9/2010 for £250.00.

Hartland, Gertrude (1865-1954)

Botanical artist.

Hartland, Henry Albert (1840-1893)


Sunset on Shannon, Round Tower of Clonmacnoise in the Distance” watercolour – sold at James Adams 1/6/2016 – €6,200.00.

An Evening by the Shore – Irish Coastal Inlet” watercolour (17″ x 29″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 18/9/2017.

Harvey, Charles W (1895-1979)

Charles Harvey was born in London but raised in Belfast and was known for his landscape paintings.

Harvey, Ros RUA


The Five Finger Strand, Malin, Co.Donegal” pastel on paper (12″ x 17″), sold at Ross’s – 9/11/2016 for £200.00.

Harvey-Kelly, Picia 

Westmeath artist.

Irish Water Spaniel” oil on board (12″ x 9″).

Hasson, Martin (1950) aka J P Rooney



Fishing Boats in the Morning Sun near Cushendun” watercolour drawing (14″ x 21″), sold at Ross’s – 9/11/2016 for £220.00.


Towards Lurig, Cushendall” watercolour drawing (10″ x 14″), unsold at Ross’s 7/12/2016.

Haughton, Wilfred RUA (1921-1999)


Oast House Farm” oil on canvas (10″ x 14″), sold at Ross’s – 5/10/2016 for £180.00.


Mares and Foals” oil on canvas (18″ x 24″), unsold at Ross’s 1/3/2017.

Haverty, Joseph Patrick RHA (1794-1864)

The Monster Meeting at Clifden, 1843” oil on canvas c.1844 – in the collection of the National Gallery of Ireland.

Delivery of food to a Shepherd in the fields” oil on canvas (23″ x 31″), sold – 19/11/2016 at Thomaston Place Auction Galleries, Maine, USA – for $600.00.

Haworth, Richard

Connemara Landscape” watercolour (14″ x 20″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 22/5/2017 for €160.00.

Hayden, Margaret


Haydn, John Armour Rev. (c.1845 – 1920)

Sir Walter Raleigh’s House, Youghal, Co.Cork” dated July 1886, oil on canvas (12″ x 16″), sold at Whyte’s – 1/10/2012 for €1,000.

Haydn, J A (1881-1957)

Unidentified Castle ruins, dated 1931, watercolour (11.5″ x 29″), sold at Fonsie Mealy’s – 14/12/2010 for €450.00.

Hayes, Brendan 

Sailing in Dalkey Sound” 1985, oil on canvas panel (16″ x 21″),  sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 22/5/2017 for €80.00.

Glendalough, Co.Wicklow” oil on board (15″ x 23″), unsold at Mullen’s Laurel Park sale on 10/7/2017.

Hayes, Claude RI ROI RSW (1852-1922)

Hayes, Edwin RHA RI ROI (1819-1904)


Off Dublin, 1858” oil on canvas (16″ x 27″).


Trawling off Dalkey Island” dated 1854, oil on canvas (10″ x 16″), unsold at Whyte’s 28/11/2016.

Hayes, Ernest Columba RHA (1914-1978)


Portrait of a Lady” oil on canvas (36″ x 28″) – slightly marked at shoulder height – sold on eBay 3/11/2016 for £495.00.

Hayes, Gabriel (1909-1978)

The Cork Bowler Gabriel Hayes

The Cork Bowler” oil on panel (49″ x 37″). Sold at Christies 19/5/2000 – £23,500.00.

Hayes, Gearóid (1980)

Limerick born artist who attended Clongowes Wood College before studying business and law at UCD.

Self Portrait with Seneca” oil on canvas (37.5″ x 51″)

Hayes, Kenny


Old Belfast to Bangor Line” watercolour drawing (10″ x 14″), unsold at Ross’s 9/11/2016.

Hayes, Michael Angelo (1829-1877)

“Sackville Street, Dublin“.

Troops at Dublin Castle” c.1837-42, watercolour (10″ x 17″), sold at Whyte’s – 2/10/2017 for €2,200.

Hayes, Olivia


Government Buildings, Merrion Street” watercolour (10″ x 14″), sold at Adam’s – 16/12/2016 for €240.00.

Healy, Henry RHA (1909-1982)


Streetscape” oil on canvas (24″ x 20″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 24/10/2016 for €1,800.00.

Achill Island, Co.Mayo” oil on board (12″ x 16″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 18/9/2017 for €420.00.

Healy, Michael Joseph (1873-1941)

Heaney, Aidan 

Croagh Patrick Mountain, County Mayo” oil on canvas ( 13.5″ x 30″), sold on eBay – 15/2/2018 for £95.00.

Hearns, Richard (1980)


Henderson, Neville

Henderson Neville

Atlantic Drive, Achill” dated 1977, oil on board (16″ x 20″) sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 8/8/2016 for €400.00.


Left to right:Homestead, Achill” oil on board (7″ x 10″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 14/8/2017 for €320.00; and “City by Night“, dated 1988, oil on board (20″ x 38”), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 23/1/2017 for €1,700.

Howth Harbour” dated 1975, oil on canvas (14″ x 22″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 14/8/2017 for €120.00.

Henderson Fry, Maurice (1944)


Heney, Patrick ANCA


Left to right:The Pond, St.Stephen’s Green” watercolour (10″ x 14″),  sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 22/5/2017 for €30.00; and “Canal Lock near Baggot Street Bridge, Dublin” oil on board (23.5″ x 17.5″), unsold at Whyte’s – 17/7/2017.

Hennessy, Gillian


Hennessy, Patrick RHA (1915-1980)


Left to right:The Spanish Christ” oil on board (14″ x 10″); and “Virgo and Letter” oil on board (10″ x 14″), sold at Adam’s – 27/9/2017 for €1,700 and €6,300 respectively.

Hennessy, William John (1839-1917)

Henry, Emily Grace HRHA (1868-1953)

La Parisienne” oil on canvas mounted on board (17½” x 13½”), sold at Adam’s – 29/3/2017 for €5,400.


Left to right:A Western Peasant” oil painting from Irish Life & Landscape by J Crampton Walker; and “Castle and Lough, West of Ireland” oil on board (13″ x 18″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 4/12/2017 for €3,800.

Strand, Achill” c.1910/12, oil on canvas (15¾” x 24″), sold at Adam’s – 27/3/2018 for €5,700.

Henry, Lelia

Athlone based artist.

Henry, Mabel RHA (1889-1974) 

Mabel Young was the student and second wife of Paul Henry RHA.

Henry, Marjorie RUA (1900-1974)


Woodlands” watercolour drawing (8″ x 11″), sold at Ross’s – 7/12/2016 for £50.00.

Still Life with Flowers” oil on board (18″ x 14″), sold at Whyte’s – 17/7/2017 for  €480.00.

Henry, Olive (1902-1989)

Olive Henry was born in Belfast and was educated at the Belfast School of Art.

Red Barn Door” watercolour (11″ x 15″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 25/9/2017 for €160.00.

Cottages, West of Ireland” watercolour drawing (9.5″ x 13.5″), sold at Ross’s – 23/5/2018 for £140.00.

Henry, Paul RHA (1876 – 1958)

Paul Henry was born in Belfast, and in 1898 he travelled and studied in Paris with Jean-Paul Laurens, before working as an illustrator and book jacket designer in London. Following this period in London Henry spent a significant period of time in the West of Ireland on Achill Island, from 1912 and until his departure to Dublin in 1920, where he worked and stayed for the majority of his career.


It was in the 1920s when Henry came to be one of Ireland’s most recognizable artists, with prints of his paintings of the West of Ireland being utilised by railway companies for advertising the beauty and appeal of the region.

Paul Henry  Paul Henry

Left to right:Belfast, from Greencastle” (c.1939) oil on canvas (15″x 14″) sold for £9,800.00 at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury, Newbury, Berkshire – 6/4/2016; and “Cottages, West of Ireland” oil on canvas (16″ x 24″) sold at Christies, London – 19/5/2000 for £190,750.00.

Connemara Cottages by Paul Henry

Connemara Cottages”  oil on board (13.5″ x 15.5″) dating from 1942/43. Sold at James Adams – 3/12/2014 for €50,000.00.

Paul Henry – Paintings, Drawings, and Illustrations by S. B. Kennedy.

Pub.Yale University (2007). ISBN: 9780300117127, Hardback, 416 pages, illustrations: 350 b/w + 120 colour.

West of Ireland Bog” oil on canvas laid on board (14″ x 20″), sold at Whyte’s – 2/10/2017 for €100,000.

A Kerry Lake, Dingle Peninsula” oil on canvas (14″ x 16″), sold at Adam’s – 22/11/2017 for €65,000.

Coomasaharn, County Kerry” 1930-35, oil on board (12″ x 14″), sold at Whyte’s – 27/11/2017 for €52,000.

A View of Achill Sound” oil on canvas (20″ x 24″) sold at Ewbank’s, Surrey – 26/4/2018 for £62,000.

Henry, Terence 

Zero biographical information so far despite extensive enquiries with Arts bodies, museums and on various message boards. The artist must have been active in the 1940/50 period as this is when his paintings appeared on postcards published by the Scholastic Production Co., Belfast.

Terence Henry watercolour - Copy

Irish coastal view with blue hills beyond”  watercolour, sold for £50.00 on eBay a couple of months ago. It’s clearly the same painting as that used for the postcard – see insert – which proves that one/some of the original paintings supplied to the Scholastic Production Co. have survived.

Herbert, Mary Balfour (1817-1893)

Watercolour artist – especially scenes from the Lakes of Killarney.


Torc Waterfall“.

Hickey, Aidan


Painting Gandon by Aidan Hickey

Painting Gandon” (2013).

A limited edition (50) print of the painting is  available here: Art Click Ireland

Hickey, Desmond

On the road down, West Cork” oil on board (18″ x 24″).

Hickey, Thomas (1741 – 1824) 

Irish born portrait artist.

Portrait of Sir Archibald Campbell 1739-1791” oil on canvas, unsold at Busby’s (Dorset) – 15/3/2018.

Higgins, Marie

Cavan artist.


Left to right:Ploughed Winter Field” acrylic on canvas board (8″ x 10″); and “Boat on the Lake” acrylic on canvas board (8″ x 10″).

Higgins, Robert B (1943)


Blue Stacks from Ardara, Co.Donegal” oil on canvas (16″ x 20″) sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 9/5/2011 for €425.00.

Robert B Higgins  Cattle Watering R B Higgins  

Left to right:The Furrowed Field, Mountains of Mourne” oil on canvas (15.5″ x 19.5″); “Cattle Watering” watercolour drawing ( 14.5″ x 21.5″) sold at Ross’s – 5/6/2014 for £140.00; and “Scrabo” oil on canvas (16″ x 20″), unsold at Ross’s – 29/3/2017.

Hill, Andrew

The Red Arch, Co.Antrim” oil on canvas (10″ x 12″).

Hill, Derek HRHA (1916-2000)


hill-derek  hill-derek

Left to right:Portrait of a Gentleman” oil on canvas (15″ x 17″), sold at Adam’s – 13/12/2016 for €650.00; and “Sligo Bog” oil on board (11″ x 14″), sold at Christie’s (London) – 7/5/2009 for £8,125.

Hill, Jennifer

Saint Swithin’s Church, Magherafelt” watercolour drawing (9″ x 11″), unsold at Ross’s – 11/10/2017.

Hill, Nathaniel RHA (1861-1934)


Convalescent” exhibited at the Royal Dublin Society in 1883 – oil on canvas (40″ x 31″), sold at Adam’s – 7/12/2016 for €22,000.

Breton Peasants at a Convent Door” oil on canvas (15″ x 20″), sold at James Adam’s (Dublin) – 13/10/2010 for €45,000.

Hill, Rowland ARUA  (1915-1979)

Rowland Hill was a painter and draughtsman, born in Belfast.

r hill

An unidentified landscape (oil on canvas) – signed and with good provenance offered on eBay 7/2016 – $1,500.00.

Rowland Hill

Lower Lough Erne, Enniskillen” oil on canvas (24″ x 35″) unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 2/8/2016.

Hilliard, Jane


Jane is a self-taught artist, working as a full-time professional painter for over twenty years.

Hiscocks, Deirdre


Left to right:At the River Bush” watercolour drawing (19″ x 14″), sold at Ross’s – 21/4/2016 for £30.00; and “Christmas Roses” watercolour drawing (10″ x 14″), sold at Ross’s – 10/4/2013 for £60.00.

Hoad, Jeremiah (1924 – 1999)


Towards the Blue Stacks, Co.Donegal” (1997)



Left to right:Dun na nGall” oil on board (23″ x 23″); and “Tra Inbhear – An Lanymor” oil on board (20″ x 24″), unsold at de Vere’s 17/4/2018.

Hodson, Sara (1972)



West Carbery Hunt at the Beehive Bar” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″). Sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 2/8/2016 for €300.00.

Point to Point, Kilpatrick, West Cork” dated 2016, oil on canvas (24″ x 20″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 21/5/2018 for €850.00.

Hogan, Pete

Pete Hogan

The Ice Cream Seller” watercolour drawing (10″ x 14″). Sold at Ross’s – 10/8/2016 for £90.00.


Holloway, Nuala

Nuala Holloway Art

Holmes, Jim

“‘Binevenagh From the Seacoast Road” oil on board (14.5″ x 18.5″), unsold at Gormley’s – 29/11/2017.

Holmes, Paul

County Antrim based landscape artist.



Ballintoy” watercolour (11″ x 15″).

Holohan, Jacqueline


Georgian Door” oil on canvas board (8″ x 6″), sold at Adam’s – 16/12/2014 for €500.00.

Holohan, Mairead


Hone, David PPRHA (1929)

Children playing on beach at Sandymount” oil on canvas (14″ x 18″), sold at Adam’s – 28/5/2003 for €3,700.

Hone, Horace (1756-1825) 

Portrait miniature on ivory of a woman with blue scarf tied into hair, (2.7″ high) signed with initials and dated 1790. Sold at Bellmans, (Sussex Saleroom) – 1/8/2017 for £800.00.

Portrait miniature of a gentleman wearing a dark blue coat with a black collar over a white waistcoat, stock and cravat, (2.7″ high) signed with initials and dated 1801, sold at Halls Fine Art Auctioneers (Shrewsbury) – 18/10/2017 for £1,000.

Hone, Nathaniel the Elder (1718–1784)

Hone, Nathaniel the Younger (1831–1917)


Stone Pines” watercolour (11″ x 14″), sold at Whyte’s – 26/9/2016 for €1,050.

Hood, Kelly


Hope, E Lyn (c.1881-)

Born in Co.Wicklow. (Fl.1938-1959).


“Campanile in Trinity” watercolour (15″ x 10″), sold at Adam’s – 28/5/2014 for €450.00.


Landscape watercolour, (10.5″ x 14″).

Horner, Liam


Horsbrugh-Porter, William Eric (1905-1985)


The Earwig” oil on board (11″ x 15″), sold at Adam’s – 13/12/2016 for €90.00.

View of Wild Flowers looking towards the Sea” oil on board (20″ x 26″), sold at Whyte’s – 26/2/2018 for €1,050.

Houston, Doris (1948) 

Signs of Spring, River Lagan” in the collection of the Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum.

Huberman, Harold


Hughes, Clive (1953)

Clive is a self taught artist, served in the Royal Navy and exhibited worldwide for six years whilst painting with other Artists from different countries. He has also taught Art for many years. For this year 2017, Clive is ranked No. 1 most viewed artist on newirishart.com. Clive now resides and paints in Tuam, Co Galway and is available for commissions.

Contact details: www.facebook.com/clive.irishartist or Tel: (087) 255 5442

Aughnanure Castle, Oughterard, Co.Galway” oil on canvas (18″ x 24″) – SOLD.


Left to right:The Claddagh, Co.Galway” oil on canvas (16″ x 20″); and “John Wayne/Quiet Man Movie” oil on canvas (14″ x 18″) – both SOLD.

Hughes, Clive

In Connemara” oil on canvas (15″ x 25″), sold at Ross’s – 3/5/2017 for £120.00.

Hughes, David Gordon (1957)

Hughes, David Gordon

Connemara Peat Stacks” dated 2000, oil on canvas (16″ x 16″). Unsold at Whyte’s – 11/3/2015.

Hughes, Myra Kathleen (1877-1918)


Parliament Square, Trinity College Dublin” etching (7″ x 10″), unsold at Whyte’s 10/12/2016.

Hull, Frederick William (1867-1953) 


Left to right:Summer Landscape” watercolour drawing (8″ x 11″), unsold at Ross’s – 31/5/2017; and “Mixed Bunch” oil on canvas (18″ x 14″), sold at Adam’s – 31/3/2004 for €800.00.

Hume, William A


S.S.Donaghadee” dated 1986.

Hunter, John OBE RUA ARCA (1893-1951)


Strule at Omagh” oil on canvas (20″ x 24″), sold at Whyte’s Online Sale – 24/10/2016 for €620.00.

Hunter, Mercy RUA MBE (1910-1989)

Hunter, Robert (fl.1748-1780)

Hurley, Anna D

Hussey, Philip (1713-1783)


Portrait of an Unknown Man in a Brocaded Red Suit and a Brocade Waistcoat” in the National Trust collection at Florence Court, Co.Fermanagh.

Hutson, Marshall C (1903 – 2001)


Behy Bridge” watercolour (14″ x 18″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 3/10/2016 for €850.00.


Fishing on the Laune” watercolour (15″ x 22″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 30/1/2017 for €400.00.

Hyland, Jan

Scottish born artist living in Ireland for the last forty five years.

Hynes, Edward S (1897-1982)

hynes-2  hynes-edward-s

Left to right:A Pub Brawl” oil on board (15″ x 19″); and “Keep your cards close to your chest” oil on board (13″ x 17″).

Hynes, Joseph

The Quay, Strangford Lough” watercolour drawing (13″ x 21″), sold at Ross’s – 9/8/2017 for £120.00.