“Sink the Bismarck”

A boredom purchase – well not quite but I have been frustrated lately in my pursuit of the artists that I collect. While doing the usual round of online searches for Irish paintings I happened upon this wonderfully atmospheric oil painting of the sinking of the German World.II. battleship “Bismarck” in May 1941.

Oil on canvas (12″ x 16.5″) by Charles Gorbing King.

The painting describes the attack on 26th May 1941 by RAF Swordfish biplanes from the carrier HMS Ark Royal on the “Bismarck”, pride of the German fleet, off the French coast. Despite their antiquated appearance the Swordfish attack managed to achieve what the Royal Navy surface fleet had not and their torpedoes damaged the Bismarck’s steering gear which was to prove fatal. The ship was unable to navigate and the next day British ships finished her off with ease and she went to the bottom taking 2,200 crew with her.

While I instantly was attracted by the painting I was uncertain but having seen the film “Sink the Bismarck” (1960) I decided to give it another watch – impressed I bought the painting the next day. That’s how fickle I am.



Kingstown Harbour circa 1830

I meant to post this up a while ago but as it was unsigned there was nowhere to put it. So, here it is now – enjoy. I never tire of views of Kingstown/Dun Laoghaire harbour and this is one of the most interesting that I’ve come across in ages – sadly out of my price bracket!

Described as Irish School circa 1830 – A convict ship and other shipping in Kingstown (now Dunlaoghaire) Harbour, Ireland. Inscribed on reverse with vessel names and other data Watercolour (11¾” x 18½”). Conservatively estimated at £500-800 it was eventually knocked down for £2,400 at Charles Miller Ltd., Fulham, London on the 7/11/2017.