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Kane, Lotus


Self-taught artist.

Kavanagh, Joseph Malachy (1856 – 1918)

kavanagh-2  kavanagh-joseph-malachy

Left to right:On the banks of the Laita, Finistere” dated 1885, oil on canvas (27″ x 18.5″), sold at Whyte’s – 10/10/2000 for €5,714; and “The Dice Throwers” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″), sold at Whyte’s 13/6/2001 for €5,840 including buyer’s premium.

Kavanagh, Joseph Malacahy

Old Dublin, Marrowbone Lane ” oil on canvas (27.5″ x 36.5″), sold at Adams – 7/12/2022 for €9,500.

Kavanagh, Mark “Rasher” (1977)


Mark Kavanagh was born in the seaside town of Bray, County Wicklow. He attended St. Killian’s School and St. Thomas’ VEC.

He is a self-taught artist working in his preferred medium of oil paint. After attracting interest with several self-mounted shows, he held successful solo shows in Dublin and Los Angeles, gaining international publicity and appearances on the Late Late Show. He has firmly established himself as one of the most interesting painters of his generation. He continues to strive for more challenging ideas and techniques in painting.

Groundhog-Day  Comfortably_Numb

Groundhog Day” and “Comfortably Numb“.

Kavanagh, Patricia


Kavanagh, Patricia

Swans on the Lake” oil on canvas (18″ x 14″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 5/6/2021 for €180.00.

Kavanagh, Paul

Kavanagh, Paul

Two Spitfires on the Coast” oil on canvas (21″ x 31″), sold at Ross’s – 26/1/2022 for £70.

Keady, Bob (fl.1950s)

Postcard illustrator.

1950s postcard of O’Connell Street, Dublin – the only evidence of the artist’s existence that I have found to date.

Keane Alan


Dublin based portrait artist undertaking commissions and offering art classes.

Keane, Nora

Watercolour artist from Roundstone in County Galway.

Untitled West of Ireland scene, dated 2000, watercolour (7.5″ x 10″) – unsold at Litchfield Country Auctions, Connecticut, USA – 16/9/2017.


Left to right: More of the artist’s work may be found in the above book published by the Travel Memories Press., Indianapolis, 2001; and a postcard view of Inishbofin Island published in 1991.

Kearns, Anne Marie

Wexford based artist.

Kearns, Dympna

Kearns, Dympna

Black Sheep, Slieve Croob” watercolour drawing (11″ x 15″).


Across to the Mournes” watercolour drawing (14″ x 21″), sold at Ross’s – 3/12/2015 for £50.

Kearns, Tara

Tara Kearns is from Dublin’s north inner city and the harshness of life in the area has been and remains a major influence in her work. She has taken part in a number of group exhibitions and has also had several solo exhibitions.

Tara specialises in portraits – pen, acrylic, charcoal and pencil – and is happy to undertake commissions.

More here: Tara-Kearns-Art

Keating, Seán PRHA HRA HRSA (1889 – 1977)

(c) Gallery Oldham; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Night’s Candles are Burnt Out”  a painting inspired by the construction of the Ardnacrusha Hydroelectric scheme in the 1920s – in the Oldham Gallery collection, Lancashire. More about the  artist’s own interpretation of the painting here: www.esbelectricmail.com


Burning the Kelp” oil on board, dated 1974 (22″ x 30″), sold at Adam’s – 7/12/2016 for €20,000.

The Aran Island Turf Boat” oil on canvas (25″ x 30″), sold at Whyte’s – 26/2/2018 for €38,000.

Homeward Bound” oil on board (23″ x 33.5″), sold at Adam’s – 12/6/2019 for €76,000.

Seán Keating: Art, Politics and Building the Irish Nation is an outstanding examination of Keating’s seventy-year working life as an artist, art teacher, broadcaster, and public commentator. Based on extensive research and previously unavailable archival material, it is the first ever full-scale work on one of Ireland’s most well known yet controversial artists, richly illustrated in colour. Offering a comprehensive and well-balanced portrait, and revealing previously unknown insights into his life, O’Connor discusses his difficulties at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art, the networks of people he knew – Harry Clarke, William Orpen, Robert Flaherty, Micheál MacLiammóir – the projects he engaged with, and his sometimes self-destructive relationships with those whom he could not respect. This ground-breaking study explores Keating’s expansive career, from his overtly political paintings of the War of Independence to the artist’s engagement with the Aran Islands and his recording of the industrialisation of the new state, but also his controversial articles and broadcasts in the 1930-40s. Richly illustrated with over 200 colour paintings, sketches, photographs,

Published by the Irish Academic Press (2013). Richly illustrated in colour with over 200 paintings, sketches, and photographs, many previously unpublished.

Keefer, Ronald


Ballycastle Fishermen” oil on board (12″ x 48″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 25/11/2019 for €240.00.


Bull on Grey” oil on board (15″ x 15″), unsold at Ross’s 7/12/2016.

Keeling, Vincent



Left to right:Portrait of Owen Binchy – Chairman 1962/65” oil on canvas (23″ x 20″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 6/11/2017 for €50.00; and “R.A. Anderson” oil on canvas (23″ x 19″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 29/1/2018 for €160.00.

Keenan, B

Near Ballintoy, County Antrim” dated 1964, oil on canvas (18″ x 24″), sold at Ross’s – 11/9/2019 for £40.

Keenan, Eamonn

Keenan, Eamonn

St.Patrick’s Church, Newbridge” pastel on paper (11″ x 16″).

Keenan, John (fl.1780 – 1819)

Kehoe, John Gerard (1948) 

Pikemen of Vinegar Hill” oil on board (28.5″ x 39.5″) – Wexford County Council Art Collection.

Borodale, Summer Walk” oil on board (24″ x 28″), unsold at Ross’s – 13/2/2019.

Kelleher, Colette

Cork born artist.

Kelleher, Danny

Limerick born artist.

Clogher Head, Co.Louth” dated 1977, oil on canvas (26″ x 34″), sold at Dolan’s (Limerick Auction) – 2/3/2014 for €225.00.

Early Morning, Gillogue, Limerick” oil on canvas (21″ x 29.5″), sold at Dolan’s (Limerick Auction) – 2/3/2014 for €200.00.

Kelleher, Terri


Originally from Southern Maryland, in the United States, Terri Kelleher has lived in Ireland since December 1994. She has worked professionally as a freelance illustrator and children’s book author since 2012; and is available to create commissioned artwork. In her spare time, she volunteers with her local artist’s group, KAVA, as an active committee member.

Kelleher, Terri

Classiebawn under Ben Bulben, Sligo“, acrylic inks on watercolour paper (7.5″ x 11.5”).

Kelleher, Terri 2

Left to right:Ballyglunin Station” ink painting on watercolour paper (7.5″ x 11.5″); and “Clare Island Lighthouse” acrylic paint and ink on watercolour paper (7.5″ x 11.5″).

Kelly, Ann

Self taught artist born and bred in Clifden, Connemara, Co.Galway.

Having travelled the country with her father as a young girl and watched and painted as he worked thatching traditional cottages, her work shows a time in Ireland when life was simpler.

Kelly, Ann

Summer Holidays, Killarney” oil on canvas (18″ x 24″), unframed, sold at Hegarty’s, Bandon – 9/5/2021 for €440.00.

Kelly, Ann

Nearly Home” oil on canvas (13.5″ x 30″), sold at Sean Eacrett’s – 15/5/2021 for €200.00.

Kelly, Ann

Connemara” oil on canvas (17.5″ x 24″), sold at Hegarty’s, Bandon – 20/6/2021 for €200.00.

Kelly, Bryan


Kelly, Charles Edward (1902 – 1981)

Dublin born, Charles Kelly was a writer and cartoonist, and one of the founders and editors of the satirical magazine Dublin Opinion.

After Dinner Nap” 1972, watercolour (8.5″ x 11″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 10/3/2020.

Kelly, Conor

Kelly, Dennis (1952)


Left to right:Poulnabrone Dolmen, Clare” oil on board (5″ x 7″), unsold at Ross’s 7/12/2016; and “Gortin Lake III” 2003, oil on board (14″ x 18″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 27/1/2020 for €140.00.

Kelly, Diarmuid (1975)


Self taught photo-realistic artist living and working in the USA since 2008.

Untitled landscape, oil on canvas (20″ x 24″).

Kelly, Ellen F (1901 – 1992)

Ellen Frances Kelly trained at the Municipal School of Art under Maurice MacGonigal and Sean Keating.

Left to right: Self portrait, oil on canvas (24″ x 20″); Still Life, oil on canvas (30.5″ x 20.5″); and “Elizabeth in Fur“, oil on board (24″ x 20”). The first two were sold at Adams – 28/9/2020 for €130.00 and €380.00 respectively;  “Elizabeth in Fur” sold at Adams – 3/3/2021 for €260.00.

Kelly, Frances J RHA (1908 – 2002)

Still Life with Lobster” oil on canvas (24″ x 20″), sold at Whyte’s – 18/5/2009 for €4,400.

Kelly, Sir Gerald Festus ARA RHA (1879 – 1972)


Saw Ohn Nyun” XXI, oil on canvas (42″ x 29”), sold at James Adams – 28/3/2007 for €58,000.

Portrait of a Seated Lady, oil on canvas (41″ x 33″), sold at Whyte’s – 2/12/2019 for €2,800.

Kelly, James


Kelly, John F RHA (1921 – 1995)

John F. Kelly was born in Ballinagore, Co. Westmeath. He studied at the National College of Art, Dublin, and at the Academia di Belle Arte, Florence, and in Madrid, on Italian and Spanish Government workshops. He taught in the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), Dublin, and was Professor of Painting there from 1969 until retirement in 1985.

Church Window” oil on board (21″ x 19″), unsold at Ross’s – 7/8/2019.

Kelly, John (1965) 


Kelly, Joseph Edward

Wexford based landscape artist.

Kelly, Liam


Ferns – West Cork Railway Cutting” oil on canvas (35″ x 23″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 6/3/2017 for €320.00.

Tower House near Lismore, Co.Waterford” oil on canvas (10″ x 12″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 14/8/2017 for €120.00.

Kelly, Maev


Kelly, Mark

Kelly, Nicola

Nicola Kelly is a self-taught artist from Dublin and currently living in Wexford. With a strong emphasis on detail, vivid colour and humour Kelly’s imaginative subject matter is varied ranging from figurative and landscape to still life. Although still in the early stages of her art career, her work is in public and private collections in Ireland and abroad.

More here: Nicola-Kelly-Art

The Banquet” oil on linen.

Left to right: “The Restoration” and “Zoe” both oil on linen.

Kelly, Noel

Kelly, Paul (1968)


Completely self-taught, Kelly paints in a conventional pre-impressionist style in both oils and watercolour.

Kelly, Paul

Skerries” oil on card (10″ x 12″).

Preparing the thatch – Rush” oil on canvas (24″ x 28″), unsold at de Vere’s – 17/4/2018.

The Liffey Rowers, Islandbridge, Dublin” oil on canvas (40″ x 50″), unsold at Sotheby’s (London) – 21/11/2018.

Kemp, Eadaoin Harding 

Kendrick, Alicia J E (1860-)

Cork artist.

The Lake, Old Dromore, Mallow, Co.Cork” watercolour (12.5″ x 19″) – may have been exhibited at the RHA in 1899 – sold on eBay 14/4/2019 for £34.00.

Kendrick, Matthew RHA (1797 – 1874)

Kendrick, Matthew

A Schooner rigged yacht under full sail, dated 1862, oil on canvas (15″ x 24″), sold at Lyon & Turnbull, Edinburgh – 18/5/2022 for £3,000.

Kenefick, Anne

Adele’s Restaurant” watercolour drawing (11″ x 8.5″), sold at Ross’s – 21/3/2018 for £30.00.

Kennan, A M

Early 20th century artist.

Kenneally, Bríd

Bríd Kenneally is a seascape and landscape artist who lives in Dungarvan, Co.Waterford.

Kennedy, Anna


Self-taught artist living and working in Dublin.

Kennedy, Conal

Kennedy, D G 

Cultra Yachts” oil on canvas (18″ x 24″), unsold at Ross’s – 13/2/2019.

Kennedy, Eddie (1959)


Windsor Park (Prince of Wales) vs Maple Leafs (Rob Walton)” dated 1990, oil on canvas (28″ x 36″), unsold at Bristol Auction Rooms – 17/12/2020.

Kennedy, Frank 


Kennedy, Gerry

Kennedy, Jimmy


Kennedy, Lynn


Lynn Kennedy has worked as a professional artist for 25 years. Having spent her early years in County Wicklow, she now works as a professional artist in south county Dublin. She graduated from Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design in 1993 after being greatly inspired to become a professional artist by her grandmother – see entry for Marguerite Kennedy.

Lynn paints a variety of different subjects but is predominately a portrait and figurative painter. Her work has been exhibited in the National Gallery of Ireland and the Ulster Museum in Belfast.

Lynn welcomes commissions and can be contacted via her website (above) or her Facebook page here: Lynn.Kennedy.Art.Ireland

Left to right:Bodhrán player” oil on cotton (23.5″ x 27.5″); and “Missia” oil on cotton (10″ x 8″).

Cattle in the yard” oil on wood (14″ x 24″).

Kennedy, Maisie

Maisie Kennedy

Winter Landscape” watercolour drawing (7″ x 9″) Unsold at Ross’s – 30/4/2014.

Kennedy, Margaret 

Waiting for Tea Time” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 22/5/2017.

St.Basil’s Boys & Girls’ School” oil on canvas (23″ x 33″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 14/8/2017.

Kennedy, Marguerite

Dublin artist active in the 1960’s.

Ploughing in Co. Dublin” 1961, watercolour (10″ x 14″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 25/9/2017 for €100.00.

Kenning, Joan

Bluebell Wood

Bluebell Wood” watercolour drawing (9.5″ x 13″), sold at Ross’s – 1/8/2012 for £60.00.

Joan Kenning  

Left to right:Follow the Leader” watercolour drawing (11″ x 13″), sold at Ross’s – 10/9/2014 for £30.00; and “Cottage with the Blue Door” watercolour drawing (9″ x 11″), sold at Ross’s – 11/10/2017 for £60.00.

Kenny, Alan (1959) 

Landscape with cottages” oil on board (6″ x 8″), sold at Whyte’s – 23/10/2017 for €240.00.

River and Mountain landscape” oil on canvas (22.5″ x 16″), sold at Adams, Blackrock – 19/11/2019 for €350.00.

Glendalough” oil on canvas (16″ x 20″), sold at Whyte’s – 16/12/2020 for €420.00.

Kenny, Desmond C (fl.1930 – 1958)

Still life with flowers, oil on board (23″ x 28.5″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 21/9/2020 for €400.00.

Kenny, Ger


Kenny, Pat

Swimming in a Rock Pool” oil on board (12″ x 15.5″), unsold at Ross’s – 16/1/2019.

Kent, Margaret


Kent, Patsy

Keogh, Geraldine (Ena)

A graduate of the National College of Art, Dublin, the artist now lives on the Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry.

Kernoff, Harry Aaron ARHA (1900 – 1974)  

The son of Jewish parents of mixed Russian and Spanish descent London born Harry Kernoff moved to Dublin at the age of fourteen and spent his early years as an apprentice in his father’s furniture business.

His artistic training began with night classes at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art. Upon winning the prestigious Taylor Scholarship in 1923, he became a day student and henceforth devoted all his energies to art, working also for a time on designing stage sets in the company of actors such as Mícheál MacLíammóir and Hilton Edwards. Some time after this he visited Paris, staying for a month painting and sketching. In 1926 Kernoff began exhibiting at the RHA, continuing to do so nearly every year for the next five decades.
Influenced by Seán Keating, Kernoff painted the Irish landscape, genre scenes, and portraits and is primarily remembered for his sympathetic interest in Dublin and its people. He depicted street and pub scenes, as well as Dublin landmarks with sympathy and understanding. This is particularly evident in his woodcuts.


Westport Mall, Co.Mayo” pastel on card (12″ x 16″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 24/10/2016 for €4,000.00.

kernoff-harry  kernoff-harry  

Left to right: Self portrait, 1936, chalk on tinted paper (18″ x 15″), sold at Whyte’s Online Sale – 24/10/2016 for €2,100; “The Trade Unionist” oil on canvas (17″ x 12″), sold at Mealy’s – 19/2/2020 for €1,300; and “A Galway Girl” watercolour (15″ x 11″), sold at Adam’s – 31/5/2017 for €2,500.


Left to right:Woman walking a cow in for milking” dated 1943, watercolour (10″ x 14″), sold at Whyte’s – 2/10/2017 for €2,700; and “Howth Harbour, Evening” oil on board (12″ x 16″).

Sun Terrace, Dun Laoghaire Pier” dated 1931, watercolour (10½ x 15¼in), sold at Whyte’s – 28/5/2018 for €10,500.

Naylor’s Cove, Bray” from the scarce limited edition book 12 Irish Artists  published by Victor Waddington, Dublin, 1940. The original of this oil painting was sold at Whyte’s on the 29/11/2005 for €82,000.

Untitled mixed media on board (9″ x 12.5″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 24/9/2018 for €950.00.


Left to right:Irish Cailin” dated 1955, pastel (13.5″ x 10.5″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 14/9/2020 for €800.00; and “Portrait of Aer Lingus pilot Captain John Tweddle, 1960” pastel (13.5″ x 10″), sold at Whyte’s – 4/3/2019 for €750.00.

A Wicklow Vale” oil on board (14″ x 19″), sold at Mealy’s – 26/11/2019 for €580.00.

Connemara Colleen” woodcut print (7″ x 5.5″).

The Twelve Pins, Renvyle, Connemara” oil on board (12″ x 16″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 27/10/2020 for €25,000.

Grand Canal Lock, Dublin” 1933, watercolour (10.5″ x 14.5″), sold at Whyte’s – 7/12/2020 for €2,100.

Kernoff, Harry

Turf Girl, Connemara” oil on board (8″ x 6″), sold at Whyte’s – 31/5/2021 for €2,900.

Kerr, Barry 


Kerr, Helen RUA 

Helen Kerr trained in textiles at Belfast College of Art, Brighton College of Art and Goldsmiths College, London. She taught at various schools in Belfast until leaving to work full-time in her studio in Dundrum, Co.Down in 1987.

Kerr, Rachel (1963)


Contemporary artist living and working in County Wicklow.

Kerr, Tom

Kerr, W C

Northern Irish artist ..

Kerr, W C

Above: a pair of oil on board paintings of Northern Irish coal boats – offered on eBay in July 2021.

Kew, Tony (1937)


Born in South Africa in 1937. Moved to Canada in 1967. Became an illustrator, working for Advertising Agencies, Magazines and the Canadian Government. Began painting in 1974. Won awards for his portraiture. The human form is a great influence in his paintings. Has been living and painting in Ireland since 1988.

Kidd, L

Edenderry Bridge” oil on canvas (20″ x 30″), sold at Ross’s – 7/10/2020 for £60.00.

Kilbride, Aideen

Seascape” oil on canvas (23″ x 29″), sold at Gormley’s – for £200.00.

Kilcoyne, Gemma

Tramore born artist.

Kilgarriff, Jim (1945)

Jim Kilgarriff was born in Staffordshire but moved to Ireland in 1967. He now lives and works in Rush, North County Dublin.

Rush and Lambay Island” 1984, oil on board (19.5″ x 29.5″), unsold at Sheppard’s – 5/3/2020.

Killen, Robert T RUA

Ardglass Harbour” oil on canvas (16″ x 30″), unsold at Ross’s – 13/2/2019.

Killowry, Vincent


Killowry, Vincent (copy 1)

To mark the 150th Anniversary of the Completion of the Dublin – Belfast Railway, An Post commissioned the artist to produce artwork for a series of stamps issued in 2005. The three illustrations above were part of a limited edition of 750 sets of prints issued at the time.

Top: V class 4-4-0 No 85 Merlin arriving at Amiens Street Station.

Bottom (Left to right)Q class 4-4-0 No 131 crossing the Boyne Viaduct; and Enterprise train preparing to depart from Belfast Central Station.

Kilroy, Patricia

Kilroy, Patricia

County Wicklow Beeches, Powerscourt ” pastel on paper (14.5″ x 20″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 9/1/2023 for €180.00.

Kinahan, Lady Coralie Isabel (1924 – 2015)

Polo” oil on canvas (24″ x 30″).


Left to right:Mountain Range” watercolour drawing (12″ x 15″), sold at Ross’s – 9/8/2017 for £30.00; and “Wild Horses” watercolour drawing (12″ x 15″), sold at Ross’s – 9/8/2017 for £40.00.


Left to right:Stream & Woods” watercolour drawing (14″ x 10″), sold at Ross’s – 11/10/2017 for £70.00; and “Cows grazing near Lough Mask” watercolour drawing (16″ x 19″), sold at Ross’s – 21/3/2018 for £50.00.

Kanturk Castle, Cork” watercolour drawing (12″ x 15″), sold at Ross’s – 23/5/2018.

Kinch, Jimmy (c.1939 – 2016)

Harbour Scene” oil on canvas (20.5″ x 24.5″), unsold at Milltown Country Auction Rooms – 11/9/2017.

Impressions” by Kinch (2013) – a limited edition book (just 200 copies) self published by the artist and containing 94 pages of full-colour plates plus details, notes and comments.

Kinch, Sonya


Sonya graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 1998 with an honours degree, specialising in ceramics. She is currently Head of Art and Design at Wesley College, Dublin and divides her time between creating her own work and passing on her passion for art to others through teaching. She has shown her work consistently for sixteen years with numerous group exhibitions, private collections and commissions.

Brittas Bay” acrylic.

Whiterock, summer 2018” (12″ x 12″)

Tidal Pools” wall sculpture, porcelain clay, stained and glazed (47″ x 66″) – inspired by tidal pools around Scotsman’s Bay, Co.Dublin.

Kindness, John (1951)

Belfast born sculptor and painter.

John Kindness studied at the Belfast College of Art between 1970–1974. After completing his training, he worked as both a graphic designer and artist, focusing exclusively on art from 1986 onwards. He uses a wide variety of materials and is renowned for public sculptures, including the ‘Big Fish’ on Donegall Quay in Belfast – below.

King, Catherine 


King, David G (1972)

David King was born in Dublin and studied at the National College of Art and Design graduating with an M.A in Fine Art in 1997.

Dunmore, Co.Laois” oil on linen (23″ x 44″), sold at Fonsie Mealy’s – 26/7/2017 for €1,300.

King, John Duncan Capt. (1789 – 1863)

King was born in 1789, entered the British Army in August 1806, and became lieutenant in February 1808. He served in the Walcheren expedition and in the Peninsular War, and was present at the battles of Busaco, Vitoria, and the Pyrenees, being wounded severely on 28 July 1813. He was present at the occupation of Paris by the Allies in 1815.

King had a talent for painting, and in 1824 exhibited at the Royal Academy a view in Spain, from a drawing by Lieutenant-general Hawker. In 1836 he sent a view in Portugal, and subsequently was an occasional honorary exhibitor of views near Killarney, Boulogne, and other places. In 1843 he exhibited a picture called “A Pilgrim”. He also exhibited thirty-nine landscapes at the British Institution; the last was sent in 1858. About 1852 King was made a Military Knight of Windsor, and resided in Windsor Castle until his death on 21 August 1863. WIKI.

King, John Duncan

Sugar Loaf Mountain from Dargle River, County Wicklow” dated 1848, oil on canvas (17″ x 21″), sold at Sworders, Stansted, London – 27/9/2022 for £650.00.

King, Kenneth (1939 – 2019)

Born in Dublin, Kenneth King was commissioned into the Royal Navy as a Chaplain and served in the Arctic, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Far East waters. He began painting full-time in 1976, specialising in the naval and merchant shipping of Ireland, together with the country’ coastline and lighthouses.

Over the years his work was been commissioned by State and Private sector shipping interests, by the R.N.L.I., An Post, B.I.M., and the Office of Public Works. His work is also to be found in the collections of the Irish Navy, the Marine Institute, Shannon Estuary Ports, Killybegs Fishermens’ Organisation and the Maritime Institute of Ireland as well as in numerous private collections both at home and abroad.

Daunt and Titanic

11th April, 1912 and the RMS “Titanic” passes the Daunt lightship south of Cork Harbour on its ill-fated maiden voyage – oil on hardboard (18″ x 28″).

King Kenneth  

Left to right:SS Irish Hazel” watercolour (10″ x 15″) sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 8/8/2016 for €90.00; and “Glencolumbkille & Glenloch, Donegal” oil on board (16″ x 22″), sold at Ross’s – 21/2/2018 for £300.00.

l..E.Roisin off the Fastnet” oil on board (15″ x 23″), sold at de Vere’s – 19/5/2019 for €220.00.

The Kish Lightship” 1983, oil on board (22″ x 30″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 30/11/2020 for €1,600.

King, Richard J (1907 – 1974)

Richard Joseph King was an Irish stained glass artist and illustrator from Castlebar, County Mayo, where his father was a sergeant in the Royal Irish Constabulary.

He studied at Dublin Metropolitan School of Art, and was introduced to Harry Clarke by his tutor Austin Molloy. Having joined Harry Clarke’s studio, he became the firm’s chief designer after Clarke’s death in 1931. He established his own stained glass studio in Dalkey in 1940, and many examples of his work may be found in Ireland. He also worked as a painter and illustrator.

He designed 12 stamps for the Irish government, beginning in 1933 for ‘The Holy Year’, and a stamp to commemorate the golden jubilee of the GAA in 1924, Constitution and St. Patrick in 1937, Four Masters in 1944, Thomas Davis in 1945, Davitt and Parnell stamps in 1946, four airmail issues in 1948/49 and James Clarence Mangan in 1949.

Above: two of his iconic airmail stamps from 1948/49.

Rock Fishing, Gurteen” gouache on board (15″ x 19″), sold at Adam’s – 27/3/2019 for €1,400.

King, Tomas

Wexford based artist.


King, Yvonne (1966)


Incoming Tide Errislannin” oil on canvas (14″ x 18″), sold at Dolan’s – 8/2018 for €500.00.

Kingan, Joan

Northern Ireland artist.

King-Harman, Anne S (1919 – 1979)

Cottages and Hay-stacks with Rain-clouds approaching” gouache on board (16″ x 20″), sold at Whyte’s – 18/11/2003 for €1,100.


Left to right:Lough Key” oil on board (16″ x 20″), sold at Adams – 22/4/2015 for €200.00; and “Ben Goram, Co.Mayo” oil on canvas (12″ x 15.5″).

Kingston, Diana (1954)


Kingston, Diana

Wicklow Snow” mixed media on paper (22″ x 18″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 26/4/2021 for €550.00.

Kingston, Diana

Sandycove at Daybreak” oil and mixed media on board (12″ x 16″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 31/5/2021 for €600.00.

Kinney, Desmond (1934 – 2014)

Born in Portstewart, County Derry and educated at Methodist College, Belfast.


Fresh Snow” oil on board (12″ x 12″) sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 2/8/2016 for €700.00.


Left to right:Planting Out” oil on board (14″ x 14″) sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 8/8/2017 for €800.00; and “Stooking Corn” oil on board (21.5″ x 24″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 23/9/2019 for €1,900.

Kinney, Desmond

Early Evening, Donegal” 2000, acrylic on board (20″ x 20″), sold at Whyte’s – 19/10/2021 for €5,200.

Kinnucane, Orlagh

Kinsella, M R (fl.1930s)

Kinsella, M R GSR booklet

Great Southern Railways booklet.

Kirby, Elaine

I am a self-taught landscape artist specialising in oils. From Westport, County Mayo, I adore painting the local landscape and love to hike regularly over the mountains and hills of the Atlantic wild lands.

I have a small studio in my house where I live with my two cats who keep me company while I paint.

I accept commissions so if you have a photo of your favourite place.

All pieces shown here are my original work.

More here: Elaine-Kirby-Artist

Kirby, Elaine 1

Left to right:Croagh Patrick – a view from Carrowkennedy” and “The Bangor Trail through the wild Nephin Valley ” – both oil on canvas.

Kirby, Elaine 2

Left to right:Inishturk” and “Nephin, Co.Mayo” both oil on canvas.

Kirby, J

Dartrey (formerly Dawson Grove) Rockcorry, Co. Monaghan” dated 1851, watercolour (11″ x 17″), sold at Fonsie Mealy’s – 8/3/2017 for €250.00.

Kirchhoffer, Henry (1781 – 1860)  

A View in the Dargle, Co.Wicklow” watercolour (9″ x 13.5″), sold at Sheppard’s – 25/9/2018 for €1,300.

The Meeting of the Waters, Co.Wicklow” watercolour (9.5″ x 14″).

Kirkwood, Harriet (1880 – 1953)

Kirkwood, Harriet

Figures by a Corn Thrasher” and “Figures by an Encampment” a pair of watercolours unsold at Mullen’s, Bray – 7/6/2021.

Kirwan, John (1956)


John was born in Dublin and graduated from Dun Laoghaire College of Art in 1978.

John Kirwan

Dublin Bay Triptych” oil on canvass (22″ x 48″) sold at Whyte’s 29/9/2008 – €2,000.00.


Left to right:Road to Achill” oil on board (16″ x 20″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 6/3/2017 for €700.00: and “Howth from Dollymount, Dublin” oil on canvas (10″ x 14″), sold at Whyte’s – 17/7/2017 for €480.00.

Kirwan, Martin

Enniscorthy, County Wexford” oil on canvas (30″ x 40″), sold at Ross’s – 5/12/2018 for £50.00.

Kirwan, William Burke (b.1814)

Dunluce Castle, County Antrim” watercolour with pen and ink (8″ x 12″), sold at Whyte’s – 29/9/2008 for €1,000.

Knee, Frederick Howard (1889 – 1971)

Born in London, he arrived in Dublin in 1912 where he worked and painted for the rest of his life. Apart from an occasional class at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art, Knee was almost entirely self-taught.

Primarily regarded as a landscape artist, he was a prolific member of the Dublin Sketching Club. He began exhibiting at the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1916 and continued to do so until 1967. Having switched from oils to watercolours in the early part of his career, his exhibitions at the Victor Waddington Galleries, Dublin, proved popular and he enjoyed a relatively successful career in the arts.


Ireland’s Eye from Howth, Co.Dublin” watercolour drawing ( 10.5″ x 14.5″), sold at Whyte’s – 26/5/2007 for €300.00.


View of Portobello House” watercolour (14.5″ x 19″), sold at Whyte’s – 11/3/2015 for €320.00.

Howard Knee

Coastal scene” watercolour.

Knight, Joyce

Northern Irish artist?

Hillsborough Lake” pastel on paper (7.5″ x 10″), sold at Ross’s – 9/8/2018 for £10.

Knox, George James (1810 – 1897)

Dublin born artist who later moved to London. Primarily a landscape watercolourist with a penchant for snow scenes and sunsets.

Fishermen’s Cottages, Galway Bay” dated 1864, watercolour (7.5″ x 18″) sold with another at Lyon & Turnbull – 9/7/2008 for £1,114 including buyers premium.

Knox, Ian (1943)

Ian Knox was born in Belfast, and is a political cartoonist using the pseudonym “Blotski”.


The Official opening of the Belfast Ice Rink” pen and ink on paper (7.5″ x 10″), unsold at Ross’s – 15/6/2022.

Knox, Siobhán (1974)

Wicklow born Siobhán now resides in Castlebar, County Mayo, and specialises in painting Irish landscapes, seascapes, thatched cottages and animals. The rugged and unpredictable nature of the landscape in the west has always inspired her to paint and capture its natural beauty. Siobhán is self-taught and has been painting for over 20 years with acrylic being her main medium. She has had many successful exhibitions in Mayo and now spends her time painting from home on a full-time basis. Siobhán also undertakes commissions and has sold her paintings worldwide.

More here: Siobhan Knox Paintings.

Knox, Siobhan

The Parochial House, Craggy Island” acrylic on canvas (15.5″ x 19.5″).

Knox, Siobhan 3

Left to right:Country Life, Co.Mayo” and “The Quay Boathouse, Westport, Co.Mayo” – both acrylic on canvas (15.5″ x 19.5″).

Knox, Siobhan 2

Left to right:The Hunter” and “Snuggle Up” – both acrylic and on canvas (15.5″ x 19.5″).

Knuttel, Peter (1945)

GALWAY HOOKERS by Peter Knuttel

Galway Hookers” sold at Gormley’s 8/5/2012.


WD.39” watercolour (14″ x 21″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 3/10/2016 for €200.00.

Knuttel, Peter

Love Lake, Glendalough” watercolour (21.5″ x 29″).

Korol, Ludmila (1965)


Ludmila was born in the Ukraine and graduated from Kiev State Academy of Fine Art in 1989. From 1992 she lived and worked as an artist in Prague. In 1996 she moved to Ireland. She works in various genres including abstract and watercolour.

Under-The-Goldie-Fish-Original  O'Neills_Pub_Original

Left to right:Under the Goldie Fish, Cork” and “O’Neill’s, Dublin” both watercolour on paper.

Kyle, Audrey (1968)