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Dale, Mandy


Daly, Ann

Daly, Liam

Dublin born artist that has a very broad canvas encompassing traditional landscapes, street scenes, animals and abstract. Always colourful.

All the latest here: Liam Daly Art

Daly, P J


Canal Scene” watercolour (15″ x 11″). Sold at Adam’s – 16/12/2014 for €280.00.

Daly, Tom

St.Michan’s Church, Dublin” watercolour drawing (14″ x 10.5″).

The Weaver’s Hall, Dublin” watercolour drawing (10.5″ x 14″).

Danby, Francis (1793-1861)

Wexford born artist.

D’Arcy, Paul (1967)

Paul D’Arcy was born in Dublin, and spent his childhood in South Africa and Namibia.

For the past twenty five years he has been working as a full time artist and has travelled extensively throughout Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand.

As an artist he briefly attended NCAD & DCAD art colleges, Dublin and spent some time in the National Gallery of Ireland during the mid-eighties copying work from its collection but he is primarily self-taught . Paul has been painting since a child and after leaving school and has worked in various jobs while continuing to paint. He now lives and works in the seaside town of Skerries, Co.Dublin.


Darcy, Trish

Greystones born artist now living and working in Galway.


Greystones Harbour, 2007” oil on canvas (19.5″ x 27.5″) – available for sale here.

Davidson, Claude 

Was a Donegal artist.


Connemara Landscape” oil on canvas (20″ x 24″).

Davidson, Colin (1968)


Liffey Viaduct” oil on board (8″ x 12″), sold at Gormley’s – 13/9/2016 for £180.00.


A portrait of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel commissioned by Time magazine and painted by the artist without the benefit of a live sitting. Love or loathe her the artist has captured her perfectly – an iconic work .


Davidson, Lilian Lucy ARHA (1879-1954)

Lilian Davidson was born in Bray, Co. Wicklow where she was educated privately before attending the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art.


No More to Sea” (21″ x 16″) oil on canvas. Sold at James Adams – 26/3/2013 for €8,000.00.

Lilian Lucy Davidson Goats

Wicklow Goats” watercolour.

Davidson, Rowland (1942)

Born in Belfast and studied Fine Art at the Belfast College of Art.

Reading in the Sunlight” oil on canvas (22″ x 18″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s (RDS) – 10/4/2017 for €1,100.

Davidson-Houston, Aubrey (1906-1995)  

Dublin born soldier and artist.

Portrait of Rita, the Lady Smallpeice“, dated 1979, oil on canvas (23.5″ x 19.5”), sold at Sean Eacrett’s (Doyle’s Schoolhouse Sale) – 30/9/2017 for €80.

Davis, Gloria

Floral artist.

Davis, Phil

More here: The Art of Phil Davis

Davis, William (1812-1873)

Davis, William

Glendalough, Co.Wicklow” oil on board (7″ x 11″). Sold at Bonhams (Chester) – 16/3/2010 for £562.00 including buyer’s premium.

Davison, Olive E

Davidson, Olive  Davison, Olive

Left to right:The Humpback Bridge” watercolour drawing (11″ x 15″) sold at Ross’s – 5/11/2014 for £30.00; and “Muckish from Horn Head” watercolour drawing (11″ x 14″).

Dawson, Joe (1976)


Irish born portrait artist now living and working in Spain.

Dearden, Chris RUA


A view from the Cliff” watercolour drawing (7″ x 15″), unsold at Ross’s 9/11/2016.


A shaded path through the trees” watercolour drawing (12″ x 14″), unsold at Ross’s 7/12/2016.

Dee, Peter

Still life artist.


Delane, Solomon (c.1727-1812)

Tipperary born landscape artist.

Delaney, Liam


Delaney, Terry

Delany, Sarah


Dennehy, Douglas Manson (1927)

Country Lane with Farm Steading, Donegal” oil on board (11.5″ x 19.5″), sold at Thomas R Callan Auctioneers, Ayrshire, Scotland – 19/11/2017 for £400.00.

Dennehy, Geraldine

Limerick artist.

Turf Stacks and Calm Sea” oil on board (30″ x 36″).

Desmond, John (1950)


Left to right:Island Cottage” acrylic on paper (25″ x 16″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 3/10/2016 for €180.00; and “Relationships, Who is Who?” 2016, acrylic on paper (24″ x 16″),  sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 22/5/2017 for €160.00.

Devine, Kay

Derry artist.

Devlin, John (1950)

Born in Dublin, John Devlin studied at the National College of Art & Design and worked initially as a graphic designer for the Abbey Theatre.


Coalie” a special commission dated 2006, oil on linen canvas (30″ x 23″), unsold at Adam’s – 28/9/2016.

Longford Terrace, Monkstown, Dublin” oil on paper (15″ x 15″), one of a pair, sold at Mealy’s – 14/11/2017 for €280.00.

Devlin, R

Glenveagh, County Donegal” oil on canvas (17.5″ x 23.5″).

Devon, Gary RUA (1958) 



Bluebell Wood” oil on board (24″ x 36″), sold at Ross’s – 29/1/2015 for £340.00.

Country Lane” oil on canvas (36″ x 48″), unsold at Gormley’s – 13/3/2018.

Dickson, Alan (1971)

Belfast artist.

Untitled landscape, oil and acrylic on panel (8″ x 10″), sold on eBay – 20/8/2017 for £10.50.

Wicklow Mountains” oil on board (12″ x 16″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 29/1/2018.

Diggin, Stephen


Stephen is a self taught full time artist.He works and lives in Co.Donegal.

Dillon, Gerry


Yeats Country” acrylic on canvas board (12″ x 16″).

Dinan, John


West of Ireland” oil on canvas board (16″ x 20″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 8/8/2017 for €700.00.

Dinsmore, Percy

Grand Canal Dublin” oil on board (21″ x 29″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 14/8/2017 for €80.00.

Dixon, James (1887-1970)

A primitive landscaper born on Tory Island, Co.Donegal.


Ave Marie” (22″ x 30″) oil on paper, laid on board dated 19/9/1964.

Full title description: Ave Marie Built by / Hugh Dixon Tory Island / About 35 years ago / Going for the Post / Still Going Strong – bottom right hand corner of canvas.

Dixon, Sean (1905-1946)

Dublin born landscape and portrait painter.


Ladies View, Killarney” oil on board (11″ x 15.5″), sold at Woolley & Wallis – 21/3/2012 for £140.00.

Dobbin, Lady Kate (1868-1955)


Inniscarra Abbey on the River Lee” watercolour (13¾” x 17¾”). Sold at Adams – 22/11/2015 for €420.00.

Lady Kate  Kate Dobbin Irish Coast

Left to right:Figures in a boat Roundstone Harbour” watercolour (15″ x 8″) sold by Whytes – 21/5/2012 for €3,000.00; and “Irish Coast” watercolour (8″ x 12″) sold by Bamfords, Derbyshire – 10/12/2009 for £300.00.

Dodd, Nóirín

Bray based artist.


Doherty, John (1949)

Described as a photorealist, painter and landscape artist John Doherty was born in County Kilkenny and trained as an architect at the Bolton Street College of Technology in Dublin. He then moved to Australia where he studied drawing and painting at the National College of Art, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. After extensive travels around the world, Doherty settled in Melbourne.


Maxol Lubrication, Dingle” oil on canvas (39.5″ x 59″), sold at Adam’s – 30/5/2007 for €84,000.


Wet Day, Cork” oil on canvas (36″ x 44″), sold at de Vere’s – 22/11/2016 for €20,000.

Doherty, Maeve


Dolan, Rebecca Jane (1992)


Donaghy, Paul (1964)

Winter Farm” oil on canvas (24″ x 32″).

Donaldson, James

High Street, Belfast” watercolour drawing (15″ x 21″), unsold at Ross’s – 3/5/2017.

Donfield, Kenneth (1962)

Morning Sunlight, Ha-Penny Bridge“.

Donfield, Phelim (1966)


Donnelly, Jim (1964) 


Donnelly, Lelia (1979)


Left to right:Dappled Light on the Back Steps” oil on board (10″ x 8″), sold at Adam’s – 7/12/2016 for €1,600.00; “Little Record Shop, Cope Street” oil on board (8″ x 10¾”), sold at Adam’s – 25/9/2013 for €2,300.

Donovan, Phoebe RUA (1902-1998)

Born in County Wexford and attended the National College of Art & Design.


Airedale Terrier” pastel on tinted paper (17″ x 26.5″), sold at Whyte’s – 26/5/2007 for €500.00.

wexford coco art purchases-Phoebe Donovan Vinegar Hill

Vinegar Hill, EnniscorthyWexford Co.Council Art Collection.

Saving the Hay” oil on canvas (25″ x 29″), unsold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 5/3/2018.

Boats moored on a Lily Pond” oil on board (16″ x 20″), sold at de Vere’s – 17/4/2018 for €850.00.

Doohan, “Aine” Anne

Longford artist.

Farmwork” acrylic on canvas (20″ x 24″)

Doolan, Jim


Doran, Christopher M (1900-1981)

Born in Adare, Co. Limerick, Christopher Doran studied at the Limerick School of Art and Design under Richard Butcher. He worked as a commercial artist in New York and on returning to Limerick he opened a studio in William Street.


Sybil Head, Kerry Coast” dated 1962, oil on board (24″ x 28.5″), sold at Whyte’s – 26/5/2007 for €750.00.

Doran, Elizabeth


Clare Glen, Tandragee” oil on canvas (14″ x 18″). Sold at Ross’s – 10/8/2016 for £20.00.

Douglas, A M

Probably Irish. Active early 20th century.

Wild Connemara” – a postcard published by Eyre & Spottiswoode, London.

The Kingdom of Kerry” another Eyre & Spottiswoode postcard.

Dowdican, Eamonn (1959)

Dowling, H J


Murlough, Donegal” watercolour drawing (10″ x 14″), sold at Ross’s – 1/3/2017 for £40.

Downes, Michael F (1937-2014)

Cork born Michael Downes was a well known artist that worked in oils, acrylics, watercolours as well as pen and ink drawings.


Goat Island, near Ardmore, Co.Waterford” oil on board (7″ x 10″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 3/10/2016 for €180.00.

Downey, Paul

Sport and landscape artist from County Waterford who now lives and works in Killarney. Undertakes commissions.


Lough Guitane, Killarney” acrylic on board (16″ x 20″).

More here.

Doyle, John W

Turf Stacks, Connemara” oil on canvas (15.5″ x 19.5″), sold at Sean Eacrett’s (Doyle’s Schoolhouse Sale) – 30/9/2017 for €42.00.

Three Galway Hookers on the Way Home” oil on board (9″ x 11″), sold at Sean Eacrett’s (Doyle’s Schoolhouse Sale) – 30/9/2017 for €45.00.

Doyle, Páraic  (c.1956-2009)

A self-taught Wexford artist.

Paraic Doyle Wexford

Above: a selection of his bird’s eye view line drawings of Wexford.

Doyle, Pauline 

doyle-pauline-2  doyle-pauline

Left to right:Apples” watercolour (18″ x 18″), sold at Adams – 16/12/2014 for €200.00; and “Pears & Blueberries” watercolour (18″ x 26″), unsold at Dolan’s – 3rd/4th August, 2015.

Doyle, Siobhán


Doyle O’Brien, Kieran


Royal Victoria Hospital” watercolour drawing (21″ x 16″), unsold at Ross’s 7/12/2016.

Drennan, Doreen


Drew, Pearl

Drummond-Fish, George MBE (1876 – 1938)


Dublin Hills from Howth” watercolour (10″ x 14″), sold at Adam’s – 29/9/2004 for €380.00.


Left to right:Dublin Fusiliers in the trenches, Kavakal Dagh, Gallipoli, August 1915″ watercolour, (9.5″ x 12″) sold at Whyte’s – 9/3/2014 for €850.00; and “Coastal Scene with Sheep Grazing” watercolour (12.5″ x 18″), sold at Mealy’s Fine Art – 31/7/2017 for €200.00.

Black Valley, Killarney” watercolour (10.5″ x 15″), unsold at Sheppard’s – 29/8/2017.

The River at Glendalough” watercolour drawing (10″ x 14″), sold at Ross’s – 13/9/2017 for £140.00.

Drury, Susanna (c.1698-c.1770)

Susanna Drury was a mysteriously obscure but very able painter whose views of the Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim are landmarks both in Irish topographical painting and in European scientific illustration. Her exact birth and death dates are not known but she was the sister of a Dublin miniature painter named Franklin Drury, who died in 1771. The first trustworthy views of the Giant’s Causeway ever produced, Susanna Drury’s gouaches of 1739-40 won the £25 premium of the Dublin Society in 1740 when the artist’s identity was disclosed to the Society by Dean Gabriel Maturin, a prominent Dublin Huguenot. This raises the question of whether Susanna Drury had Huguenot connections or may have been trained on the continent. The groups of fashionably-dressed figures in both of Susanna Drury’s paintings show that as early as 1740 the Giant’s Causeway had become a tourist attraction. Ref: BBC.


One of a pair of Drury’s 1839 watercolours held in the collection of the Ulster Museum.


Above – a further pair of watercolours dating from the same period were sold at Christies, London, “Glin Castle: A Knight in Ireland” sale – 7/5/2009 for £23,750.00. They originated in the Duke of Leinster’s collection and it’s uncertain which pair of watercolours won the Dublin Society prize mentioned at the top of this entry.

Duck, Ralph

West of Ireland landscape – watercolour (19″ x 22″) – sold on Adverts.ie for €49 in 2016.

The Arch, Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin” watercolour over pencil (10.5″ x 14.5″), sold at Whyte’s – 9/12/2012 for €220.00.

Duff, Sheelagh

Phoenix Park, Parkgate Street Entrance” part of a set commissioned in 1987 by the Irish Government’s Office of Public Works to create a “Illustrated Record of the Phoenix Park”.

Duffy, Dave

Self taught Irish portrait artist specialising in coloured pencil.

Duffy, Imelda

Wicklow artist.

Winter Woodland” oil on board (9.5″ x 14″).

More of the artist’s work here: www.riversideartgallery.ie

Duffy, Patrick Vincent (1832-1909)

Meeting of the Waters Vale of Avoca oil on panel

Meeting of the Waters” oil on panel. Sold at James Adams 23/3/2016 for €3,600.00

Dugdale, Mary UWS

Shore at Annalong” watercolour drawing (11″ x 14″), sold at Ross’s – 28/10/2015 for £50.00.

Dunlop, Ronald Ossory RA (1894-1973)


Schull, Co.Cork” oil on canvas (12″ x 16″), sold at Woolley & Wallis – 24/9/2014 for £1,000.

Dunluce, Alexander: 9th Earl of Antrim (1935)

Glenarm” oil on board (13.5″ x 17″), sold at Adam’s – 27/9/2017 for €100.00.

Dunne, Berthold (1924 – 2014)

Berthold Dunne

Dun Laoghaire Harbour” watercolour (18″ x 24″).

Greystones, Cove” watercolour drawing (14″ x 19″) sold at Ross’s – 10/4/2013 for £50.

Dunne, Davy

Country Pastures, Leixlip” acrylic on board (19″ x 29″), sold at Morgan O’Driscoll’s – 25/9/2017 for €120.00.

Dunne, Joe RHA (1957)


Dunne, Michael

Belfast Public Library” oil on canvas (28″ x 40″), unsold at Ross’s – 6/12/2017.

Dunne, Patrick

Grand Canal, Dublin” oil on board (16″ x 20″).

Dunne, Peter J


Skelligs, County Kerry” oil on canvas (20″ x 24″), sold at Ross’s – 25/4/2018 for £50.00.

Du Noyer, George Victor (1817-1869)

View of Benyevenagh Mountain, Co.Derry” dated 1838 (7.5″ x 8.5″) – Geological Survey of Ireland Collection. 

Limestone folding, Kanturk, Co.Cork” dated 1866 (16″ x 25.5″) – Geological Survey of Ireland Collection. 

Dylan, Sean

Belfast artist who paints in the style of the late Markey Robinson.

Cottages by the Sea” oil on board, unsold at Bloomfield Auctions (Belfast) – 27/6/2018.