Long lost (?) Maurice Wilks oil on eBay

Not for the first time, an original of one of Maurice Wilks’ paintings that was previously used on a Scholastic postcard has appeared for sale. This time on eBay, and at a rather tempting price of just US $2,450.00. In my opinion it did not reproduce well as a postcard, Scholastic # 817 “The Rugged Coast of Ireland”, printed by Stehli Bros., Switzerland. It was also used to produce a large print of the scene which still appears for sale from time to time. Interestingly, the back of this painting carries the stamp for Stehli Frères, Zurich as well as the original title for the work “White Rocks at Glenarm, Co.Antrim”.

Stehli Frères produced many lithograph copies of watercolours throughout the 1930’s and 40’s. Their lithos were usually printed on a heavy watercolour-like paper stock with rough edges to give the appearance of an actual watercolour painting and were done with very high lithographic quality at the time. Their postcards were printed in the same style on a heavy card – the rough edges always being a telltale sign of the printer.

Anyway, “White Rocks at Glenarm” is too rich for me but surely an opportunity for somebody to pick up a really nice painting for a pittance.

White Rocks at Glenarm, Co.Antrim” oil on panel (16″ x 20″) – Scholastic postcard insert for reference and is not on the painting!

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