More ‘class’ burds

Spring is in the air and I have recently been lucky enough to add three further pictures to my growing collection of bird paintings. Two of these are by the elusive W Huston and I just couldn’t resist the Blue Tit (in the oval) by listed English artist – Richard Duffield – a snip at just £44.95 including delivery!

I don’t know where this is all going but I find that I still have a strong acquisitive streak – even in my dotage. Some of the bird paintings will hopefully appear in a long in gestation book, while others will be used in my various forays into postcard and Christmas card publishing. I have at last started to put some shape on my collection and have begun disposing of various impulse purchases which don’t really fit with my core interests.

Anyway, that’s enough self indulgence for one post – enjoy the new images.

Left to right: Blue Tits on a silver birch; and Chaffinches – both purchased for a song.
Superb study of a Blue Tit by British artist Richard Duffield.

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